Re: How To Change Your Primary Group To Authors?

I don't think there is such a feature. Far as I know, "Penguins" is just a cute-isim for "Member".  Its membership that gives you a personal page and writing space to post works. - allows authorship.  I see a couple icon banners from before 2017, possibly some old feature now abandoned or from fiddling with site code somehow, And the site owners independent banners, but that's it. doesn't seem to be a member select-able feature.

Re: How To Change Your Primary Group To Authors?

It's not really that important to change your display group. Originally, they only changed 2 things.

1st, before the levels were introduced, changing your display group would give you a custom border around your pfp on the forum. This has been disabled for a while now.

2nd, on your chapters, down at the 'about author' section, you have a custom image below your pfp. This is the only visible feature related to having a different display group, that I'm aware of.

This is how mine looks. I joined the WriTE group 3-ish years ago and it's set as my display group.