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Mr. Wrote: The review for Ankur_93's story A World of Monsters has been finished - please note that I do write my reviews in the style of a podcast (I can neither confirm nor deny that I have scizophrenia), starring Mr. Critic, Mr. Casual, and Mr. Honest.

Thank you! It is a very good and balanced review! I love it. :)
For those willing to see the review, Review Link.

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I certainly could use some new reviews.
The first novel in the series is a science-fiction mystery, prison escape.

Quote:Where the borders of four nations in South America meet social and economic anarchy thrived for generations before the Cull Spores rained down a psychosis causing plague on the population.
An emergency declared, the region is renamed the Quadra as the four Nations agree to relinquish their sovereignty to an international body called the Salvage.
Tasìa del Alma-Gris raised in a poor barrio in the city of Rossara spent her early adult years in a convent. Overwhelmed by boredom fueled wonderlust she discovers a natural talent for cat burglary as the emergency grew and those with the resources to escape the infected area did so, leaving their wealth behind.
She lives the high life until the day, betrayed by accomplices, she is caught by bounty hunters and sent to Ward Nueve, a worker's collective inside a hospital for inmates. 
There, her problems begin in earnest.

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So many people I know are getting reviews; I'd like to have Mr Honest, Mr Critical and Mr Casual also look at my works!
I've got two here:
First is this one Monster Girl Collection
MGC is written for a very specific audience and has graphic 18+ scenes. Don't read this if you're not comfortable with that.
Second is Mistrim Stories
This serves as a companion to the first series but is more self contained and tame and everyone can read it.
Thank you for your time!