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Perfect! I love Xianxia so it will be my pleasure to do a review swap with you ^^ I've read my fair share of Wuxia and Xanxia, I'm pretty excited to read a quality Xanxia actually ^^'
However, as you've seen, I've a review swap to do before yours, but I don't think it's a bad thing since you've not a lot of words already published, it will give time for your chapters to stockpile bit ^^ And, of course, all help to make me a better writter, in particular for the Form aspect, is warmly welcomed ^^ I'll add your story to the list of novel I want to swap with. Also, since I ask you to read 30k words and promise to do the same in return, I'll do a first review with the amount of words you'll have published when I come to it, and then update my review once you've hit 30k so to make this exchange fair. ^^

- Heaven Immortal Promise has been added to the list.

Re: Review swap - Litrpg - Female lead


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I will be more than happy to review you story ^^ However, don't you want to wait a bit more before doing a review swap, as to exploit the most my dedication to at least read 30k words?

That’s fine. I have actually just published chapter 14 of this story so the total word count is around 26,000 words now if you are still okay with doing the review swap with me.

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I love that your story is also a VRMMO with LGBT elements. I like the start so far, though I feel like the first chapter is a little dialogue-heavy. And the constant switching between POVs can be a bit repetitive or transitioned better. I would also suggest removing the pre-chapter notes saying you've fixed grammar issues, etc. That gives any new readers a bad feeling, no offense.

Here is my story: a YA Scif-Fi w/ romance and VRMMO/RPG elements:

Cheers! :)