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Hello everyone ^^ As I think a lot of you have guessed, this is a review swap thread.

Here are the conditions for the review swap(conditions both of the interested party will follow for the swap ^^') :

- I will read at least 30k words of any work you submit. This is to ensure review fidelity for stories that take their time to be built. (This means, for my story, to read up to chapter 11, fyi.)
- I'll create a review of the work I've read. If the average rating of the review is four or more, I post it, if it's less than four, I mp the author and we can discuss it if they want.
- Tropes are tools. I will try to review the quality of your work whatever tropes you're using, even if I dislike one or more of them. Liking something and the something being of quality are two different things, the same way I can dislike a painting or a song but be in awe of the mastery over the craft used to create the piece.
-The review will be ready for maximum a week after I accepted the review swap.
- You'll read the prologue and first chapter of my story before accepting the swap. This is to ensure that the story doesn't contain things you just can't bear
- I'll take the first three people that ask me to do a review swap and list their story here. If more swap are requested, I'll put them on a waiting list and contact the author when I finished the swaps before their story ^^

If you don't want to use those conditions, I can understand ^^' I'm a bit of a maniac sometimes and I don't want to look arrogant or anything ^^' I've just had some bad experience with review swap in the past ^^'

My story is a slow-paced litrpg slice of life that orbit around relationships between characters, be it family, friends or lover. The litrpg element is not light nor heavy, however it's not the centre of the story ^^' MC's are strong, but not totally unba, and I try to build a world as alive as possible through legends, trivia etc... So far my story doesn't contain any sexual content fyi.

Here it is:

English is not my native language, I normally use french, so any proof-reading you do is warmly welcomed too ^-^

I prefer Litrpg's and/or female lead as the main MC. I can read any form of gore, traumatizing content, body horror and other things only horrible (Ahem!) author would dare to write. I can also read sexual content. 

Novel list :
- Rising From the War of Fog - DONE - 4.5 stars
- A World of Monsters - DONE - 5 stars
- The S.T.U.D.Y - DONE - 5 stars
- Craft Codex - In progress

Re: Review swap - Litrpg - Female lead

Hello! I'd be more than happy to do a swap with you, albeit I am not a particularly fast reader (or writer, for that matter).

I've read up to Ch. 2 of your story, and I don't really see anything that would turn me off of reading it, and even if something I don't particularly like comes up, I'm not the type of person to let my judgment be influenced by personal taste outside a very small number of select cases (extreme grimdark, misery porn, etc).

My story - Rising From the War of Fog - is a dieselpunky fantasy setting with somewhat light LitRPG elements, it takes place after a WW1 equivalent in a country that was on the losing side. I've been told the atmosphere can be a bit dour, but I try to avoid anything straying into bleak territory.

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To: Akaso
About: Rising From the War of Fog

Understood! Your story has a lot of the tags I like so I'll be reading it starting on October 1 (due to personnal reasons I can't start reading it today) and will give a review for the six of October due date! Thank you for accepting this swap ^-^ Also, I'm in the middle of editing the chapters to make them more readable, so after interlude 1 it's still a bit messy, I apologize ^^'
(also: Wow, I didn't know big shot were doing review swap ^^')

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To Ankur_93 and I Don't Bite...
Sorry to not have answered your posts sooner, I had a long day ^^'

To Ankur_93
About: review swap

Oki, I'll add you to the list once I know which of your stories I need to review swap ^^' sorry if I missed something in your post saying which one I should choose, I've fit of dumbassitude from time to time ^^'

To I Don't Bite...

Your story seems fairly interesting but the review swaps I ask in this thread are the very first reviews my story will gather, hence I don't want to wait too much before getting the swap ^^' contact me through personnal message when you have the time to do a swap, since I still think your story is interesting ^^

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Hi there Luxmes, I'm down for a review swap.

I took a quick look at the first chapter of Tale of Family and it seems fine so i'll be happy to read and review.

I don't mind if you give me a bad rating/review, I'm mostly looking to improve my story.

mine is "The S.T.U.D.Y", I have 35k words published rn, with about 1k per chapter.

(if anyone else interested in review swaping happens to see this, just pm me and we'll arrange things.)

Re: Review swap - Litrpg - Female lead

Hello, Luxmes!

I just got done reading the Prologue and Chapter 1 of Tale of Family!  Overall, I think your story is really interesting and unique with the futuristic and magic elements as well as Gods and creation. If you don't mind, I would like to do a review swap with you.  

I have just published my first story here on Royal Road, so both the Prologue and Chapter 1 are only up.  It's a Xianxia (Chinese Fantasy/Myth) story.  
Link: Heaven Immortal Promise

If you'd like suggestions on technical or grammar, I'd even send you more detailed work about your Prologue and Chapter 1 through email since that would probably work better.  I'm an English Language Arts tutor in the US, and so, I like to help people when I can if needed. 

Feel free to give me any feedback, such as clarity of ideas or you being able to/unable to understand, confusing parts, too many things going on, if I need shorter paragraphs or explain something better, and etc.  If you have any suggestions on how make things more interesting in my story, please let me know.  I already have 30+ chapters that I am currently editing or writing right now, but I want to slowly upload them as time goes on.  Thank you!