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This might be a bit too picky. I just finished reading started reading the beginning after the end and up until Volume 3 I absolutely love it.

Can you recommend me something  a long the lines an Isekai, pretty decent Romance but not so much that the story revolves around it, pretty strong mc (he doesn't have to be the definition of strength itself tho), no harem, not a wimpy/dense/dull/idealistic mc (as long as its within reasonable range I'm ok with it).
Also, if there is romance id rather it be just one love interest instead of it being multiple of them.

Btw I'm new to RoyalRoad so I'm not quite sure if I should be searching for such a novel on here. Anyways, thank to anyone who replies!

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Isekai is a quite popular theme on RR. I believe it is even a category you can search on. The term stands for works where the protagonist is translated from one place to another, usually magically, or spiritually, or by an artifice, rebirth, or such. Most will have a relationship within its core, romantic  or otherwise close. They may be slice of life, goal centered, romantic, built upon games, - a variety of plot types otherwise, and based as novels, or serial web fictions. Harem stories are usually considered their own category within fantasy and will usually be noted as being of that type.

Mine is an Isekai novel called "A Forgemaster of Wayland".  You wont have a problem finding lots of Isekai on this site. 

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Well, beginning after the end is a great book. I myself binged it after reading a couple of chapters of the graphic novel. Most of the stories I have read are Isekia or time-loop stories, I'm going to recommend what your looking for and what to read next once you had your full of "noraml" Isekai. Two people reading the same book can draw four differernt conculsion from it, so read the review of others for these books to get a better idea.

RR has a lot of Isekia and reincartion novels. Pro tip, go to advance shared and include tags add either of the two tags, you will find similar stories. The list below is my personal recommendation of a year of reading Isekia and similar works.

One of the best authors of RR, Similar story. It's almost like Beginning after the end but the MC personiltiy is should I say different? And the writing style. Andur has like 10+ frictions now, few with the same ML and FL in a multiverse.

In Lokis Honor Isekia, has romance, Strong MC but not overly. It ticks all the boxes but the author and the story is on a league of it's own. I would recommend it but at your own risk, read the discrpiton and reviews.

Magic smithing
I know, a crafting MC. And we didn't get to the romance part yet. But it's slice of life, reminds of Art and his family. The magic system is unique and the MC struggles through it.

Forgotten conqueror
It's quite literanlly another version of beginning after the end. As some one was inspired with one and worte the other. Very well written.

The gilded hero
This is not what your looking for. It's Isekia but realistic, no romance atleast at the time of this post. But something that would give a reality check for wishing to be an Isekia MC.

Tree of aeons
Again not what you asked for, reincareted as a tree so no romance but damn if you don't try it, the world bulding is amazing. Skills, level, charaters and plot, to notch.

Psychic magician
A new book, only 11 chapter out but shows promise.

I have few more but they don't feel the same as the beginning after the end, they have the same tags, Isekia/reincarnation, Romance, magic, etc but the stories have different vibs. You can try the ones above for now. The list below for others look at this post.

Level zero
the runesmith

Most are reincartion but all of them are great book from a year's worth of reading.