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Hey there, everyone. I'm trying to decide what my next story project on this site will be, and I'm having a hard time deciding between a few. I'm going to list the basics of the ones I'm considering, and if you need to know more I can provide more details up to a point. Please help me decide which of the following projects to pursue. Note: Current titles are only working titles, the stories will likely have different titles once I start writing.

1. Illuminatus: The story of a member of the Illuminati who also happens to be a loving family man. Another member within the Illuminati did something terrible to someone he loves, and so he plots to get his revenge.

2. The Wilds King: The story of a were-lion who rises to become a conquering king, bringing order where there is only chaos. He frees slaves from slave-owning city-states, crushes bandit gangs, and forges alliances with those few rulers who are good at heart.

3. Heaven's Outcast: A young man raised in an abbey discovers that the mother who left him there was an angel, but that his father was a demon. As an abominable cross-breed between the two, he was unwelcome in Heaven, but his mother didn't have the heart to cast him into Hell. He must now figure out what he wants to do with his life, who he wants to be, and where he feels that he truly belongs, all the while facing both forces of Heaven who want to be rid of him and forces of Hell who want to corrupt him.

4. The City's Watcher: In a city in the far future, a brilliant roboticist created a vast security network that protects the city and enforces the law. Drones watch from the skies, mechanical police walk the streets, force-fields guard vital areas in the city, and algorithms predict crimes before they even happen. Now that the roboticist is dead, his estranged daughter has inherited control of the security network and must decide how to protect the city.

5. I, Cain: A fictional re-telling of the Biblical story of Cain and Abel and the aftermath thereof, told from the perspective of Cain, the first murderer. Will likely take place in an antediluvian world, which means that magic and technology given by fallen angels runs rampant.

6. Sin-Eater: The story of a young man (or woman) raised in a mountain village who, upon turning thirteen started to grow ram-like horns. On the eve of his/her nineteenth birthday, one of the village elders confessed to them that their tribe has a tradition that when someone appears who has horns like that, they treat it as a sign that such a person is to be sacrificed so that the sins of the community may be atoned for and their gods appeased. The horned person flees the village, hoping to live, and must find their new place in the world.

7. The Murderer: An extremely dark modern tale about someone who, through supernatural means, discovers that they can get away with murder 100% of the time as long as no one actually SAW the murder happen. At first, the character has extremely understandable revenge fantasies and such that they want to fulfill, but over time comes to abuse this power.

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Number 2 is good and would be the one I might read If I saw it.

The demon father angel mother in number three sounds like something out of buffy or supernatural. Can't say I'm a fan of that trope/cliche.

Can't say too much about one and four as I have a penchance for fantasy so they automatically would be below two.

Five is interesting but I feel like the religious stuff might over shadow it as it is about actual characters from the bible.

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I think all of those could make for a good story.
Personally, I'd say 1 and 4 sound like the most interesting ideas. 2 and 3 could be pretty good, too, and I agree that 2 might make for the most popular story on this site. 6 seems like there's a bit missing, like you've only explained the setup or backstory, not much about what actually happens in the story. For me, 7 would probably be too dark, but it could still be a very compelling story.

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Of all the ideas, number 2 is the one I was instantly curious about. I think it would also be the easiest to fall flat, too, though. With the premise you described, I'd expect to see a world loosely based on central or east Africa (possibly pre-colonialism,) and I would absolutely love to see elements of the religions and legends of those areas because they're still so rarely seen in stories. If it's just another pseudo-European middle ages or post-apocalyptic type of setting, only with lions, I'd probably put it down in disappointment. 

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regarding 7:
How is indulging your personal revenge fantasies not an abuse of power? This may be a cultural thing, as petty revenge seems more common in eastern literature. If it's because a crime was committed but the perps got away with it due to their connections, you could call it punishment or justice initially. Maybe someone will call him out on it, that it's only revenge, but that is for later concern. 

I'd also question how you will justify 'not being seen = getting away with it'. That's where CSI comes in. Murders can involve just two people with no witnesses. Sure, if he doesn't leave DNA traces, fingerprints, bullet cases or anything behind, it could be possible. The moment he gets injured, does his blood suddenly disappear if there is no-one around to see it? If there is some magic, wouldn't there be some kind of magic to find out anyway? Does being caught on camera count as 'being seen'? Do animals count as seeing him? If yes, how intelligent should the animal be? A cat, a dog, a canary, a mouse or a flea? If there is a trained tracking dog who got his scent during the murder, how would that work? Does he have a teleportation power or some way to create an alibi? Does this 'power' brainwash them into completely forgetting about the possibility it could be him? If they suspect it's him, why wouldn't they just act on it? People have been convicted on circumstantial evidence before. Do the people involved even need evidence?

It feels like it's either too convoluted of a 'power' or the investigators are incompetent, which is not a positive sign for me

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Personally, I would only be interested in the 7th one. The rest of the options are quite well done and bringing anything new to those genres would not be an easy task. 
7th one, on the other hand, is quite novel. The only other thing, that I can think of, which would be similar to it would be Deathnote, which does give you quite big shoes to fill. However, it also leaves you with much more wiggle room and creativity.