Re: Building a general following vs building a following for a specific fiction


I'm curious about writers here who have multiple fictions. As far as I can tell, you can follow an individual fiction, but you can't follow a writer on Royal Road, is that correct?

So is that kind of what people here use Patreon for? A way for subscribers to support the author, without necessarily only following one fiction?

I have lots of ideas, and I'm starting to make some notes for a completely new novel, but I'm also interested in doing some short stories. Just wondering if a Patreon is the best way to have people follow me who are interested in my work.

I'd love to hear from other writers about this. How do you like to connect and build community with people who enjoy your writing - Patreon? Facebook page? Mailing list? Something else?

Re: Building a general following vs building a following for a specific fiction

I don't think that is quite the fact. You can access the authors profile and list of works. Mine for example is Below:

As far as following goes, Probably more to the point is how diverse the authors material is. While my fantasy work does well, in fact has recently tripled in daily reads for some reason, My Sci Fi eeks out a sluggish existence here, though it has its followers.  My novella does just Okay, and My short stories are barely accessed, though they rate five stars, according to the site stats. This would seem to follow more the interests of the site patrons than the skill of the author.  It is basically a fantasy site, and largely attracted to long epics, such as is mainstream for web-fiction and LitRPG.  While bringing in new members with broader interests, however done, is possible, I have no evidence that it will alter the reading habits of the current membership. That's fine, as there is a galaxy of specialty sites specializing in this and that. Patreon is a way to monetize your work and gather scheckles via donations, As always, the hat trick is to put the right stuff before the right audience. Beyond that banging a few pots and pans, by asking to trade reviews so on will attract eh, reviews and their handful of associated reads. keep you, or put you on some of the lists maintained here, which amounts to free advertising. You can aslo buy advertisements for your work from RR.  However, I would also point out that RR patrons actually come to this site to read work, so it is not at all like Wattpad.

Of course your mileage may vary, especially if you stick to writing a very narrow range of material particularly for consumption here.

Anyway that's my two cents worth for you. hope it helps.

Re: Building a general following vs building a following for a specific fiction

Thanks for your reply! So is there a way to follow you as a writer, through your profile there? For example if enjoyed your writing so I was interested to follow you to stay up to date with what other things you posted, would I have to just follow all your individual fictions, or can I follow you generally so I'd be alerted whenever you post anything?

That's kind of what I was wondering about with regard to short stories, which is interesting because you said you don't get many views on your short stories... which I guess is because people would only really come across them either if they're on the New or Trending chart, or if people are subscribed to one of your longer fictions and happen to go to your profile to see what else you've written.

You're so right about putting the right stuff out to the right audience, and I suppose that's what I'm trying to figure out. What I like about RR is that people here seem to just be interested in a good story, but I know my novel isn't necessarily the most popular genre here (although my next novel idea is probably more appropriate for the main genres here).

Ultimately, I guess I'm looking to write across a few different types of material: I have my current novel that I'm posting, and ideas for a different one, plus short stories... I'm happy to post them online on different platforms in order to get them out to the people who would be most interested in them, and in that case I wonder if Patreon would be like the main "hub" of all my writing. It sounds like you're doing something similar.

Apologies, this got a bit rambly... I'm just trying to figure it all out!

Re: Building a general following vs building a following for a specific fiction

If you click on the link i provided that would answer itself. Whether or not a one button click will do it, some sort of BRB, perhaps some day, but for now there is no question that a list of everything posted by an individual is available. Another way would be just to enter the persons name in a search box on site. It does not take all of that to do. Just the obvious that a curious person would do.
Hope that helps.