Re: Create pdf and retain RR formatting, especially tables, any help?

? The RR Q&A says they will format downloads as PDFs for premium members. As PDFs are basically picture formats of pages.  I have to assume drawings and tables are preserved when you do that. Otherwise, I'd do the bright thing, and format the document myself in a word processor prior to uploading anything so that I had such a copy of my own, and could drop such files as I chose. Its nice that RR has the ability to format within their online editor some of these simple things, for display on the RR, but of course its not a patch on what you can do on your own WP, and you remain at the site's mercy as to what , how and in what form you can export it from the online file overall.  Most WPs will convert and drop PDFs of whatever you format in your own WP to a variety of file formats. Always maintain offline copy.  Always assure you update corrections to your offline file any changes you wish kept. - and back up these documents.