Re: Ahoy, gentle fellas!

I lurked for a year or two, then finally decided to start writing, and presenting you my works... well work. I've written a couple more books before, but I won't post them.
Too amateurish!

Anyway, Royal Road...
It has made me find my true passion.
I thought I was destined to wander aimlessly in life without ever finding what I truly loved, what I was made for (silly me, not understanding that fiction writing should have been my thing when I, constantly, devoured every book, novel, comic, and manga which was placed in front of my eyes), it took me 29 years to find out!

So, all I really wanted to say is... thank you Royal Road; and I hope publishing my first (worthy) book here will be enough to show you how thankful I am toward those who have made the existence of this community possible.

Without further ado...
I welcome you all to the worlds I create, hoping you'll have the same wonderful experience which I've had, traveling through yours. 

Re: Ahoy, gentle fellas!

I can truly sympathize with you, it took me some years longer than you to even consider writing and so far the experience has been... liberating.

Welcome to the site! if there are any things you're not sure about, give it a shot and ask. I would suggest quickly checking the FAQ if you haven't already. It's got answers to some frequently asked questions.