Re: New to writing and troubled with its progress

Hello, i'm new to writing light novels. I've had some anime-like ideas since i was a kid and somehow i found the courage and inspiration to start. I've ,though, been stressed lately about if i write it good enough. Like, if i were to write it on the web, or publish it, would the reader enjoy it? Is it normal for a writer, experienced or not, to feel like that? I.e Writting poetry has been a passion and i was never stressed about it, but when i started writing my new Light Novel, as it was exciting in the beginning, after a couple of chapters i was questioning myself if it was good enough to publish somewhere. I feel like i need opinions, and criticism on my work so i can somehow improve. Should i get out of my shell and post it? And if so where? I mean, here is a novel site but, is it ok to publish LNs in here? I've wanted to ask those for so long that i actually feel relieved... Thank you for reading this! And nice to meet you all! ^^ My name is Panos! =3

Re: New to writing and troubled with its progress

Yeah, feeling self-doubt and nervousness is completely normal. My advice would be to go ahead post it on here, but that comes with a warning that some trolls could come in and totally wreck your fiction for no reason. Normal readers will usually provide a bit of critique and/or encouragement, though, which is what's great about RR. Good luck, and remember: you'll both always be good enough and never be good enough. I believe in you, and I hope you have a great day! ^.^

Re: New to writing and troubled with its progress

I will be mixing my nagging with all the great advices already given. FancyDrakan 

To put it simple, if you don’t write and post there will be no way to know if someone would like to read your work. I have learned a long time ago that family and close friends are not exactly the most reliable source of critique.

No matter where you upload your work, there will always be trolls. They live on the internet now, not under bridges. As others have mentioned, it is important to learn to differentiate honest critique from trolling. If 10 people say that your work is good and 2 believe it is the worst piece of garbage ever written, I would say that you have two regular trolls. If ten out of ten people say that your writing sucks, then they might have a point. But even then, this does not mean to give up. The best way would be to improve your skills, correct your work and proudly show to the whole world that you can learn from your mistakes.

It is impossible that everyone will love your story. I don’t like Twilight but it still does have millions of adoring fans. You have to find the balance between following your readers’ advices/wishes and standing your ground. You write to be read. And yet, this does not mean that you have to re-model your story every time someone does not like the table manners of your characters. Your story and characters have to be logical (even in a fantasy setting) but they have to be your own, not tailored to fit anyone’s tastes.

The most important thing is to love your story and characters. If you find your own story boring, it becomes evident in your writing. And it also becomes plain evident to your readers.

Now, grab that keyboard and start typing. There is a whole world you have to share with your readers!