Re: Introduction Title Stating that Said Title Invokes the [Trope Name] Trope

Good day, I'm SaadandPyroid. No, this account is not run by two people, Pyroid is more of a in-universe robotic being who serves to record stories on my behalf and is in no way my avatar. It's a gimmick. 

I'm a writer with a thing for a variety of fantasy-type novels who, in early 2020, stumbled upon the fact that apparently the internet allows for serial-format novels. Pleased to learn about this, I began writing one to get started as a blooming author. That story is Defenders of Fantasmyth (half-decent Canva artwork shown on signature), a high fantasy about a dragon who does wordplay and gets her life spun around after meeting a powerful, sentient artifact -- I'd say more but I've poked the 'no shameless promotions in Introductions' rule more than enough. I'm releasing this story on September 18th.

One of these days I hope to take on novel writing full-time, and Royal Road looks like a good way to test the waters. There's plenty of neat web novels around. Mother of Learning is king (queen?) here, stories like Artificial Jelly and Shade Touched are appearing out of nowhere -- perhaps I could contest these Best Rated behemoths one day?

I'm a slow, busy writer but I have plans and story ideas for this place, and hopes to bring them to beautiful fruition. Well met, denizens of Royal Road, and thank you for having me.

Huh. My title contrasts so much with the actual content.

Re: Introduction Title Stating that Said Title Invokes the [Trope Name] Trope

Welcome to Royal Road. Yes, serial format novels rule here and you've identified some of the best. One suggestion would be to add a "Coming September 18th" to your signature. That way people looking for your story before then won't be disappointed. That way by posting on the Forums, you'll be advertising your upcoming story. I hope Royal Road helps you achieve your goal of becoming a full time writer and that your story joins the pantheon of best rated serials. Good luck.