Re: To other authors

I just wanted to send a warning to other authors here.

People are ganging up and attacking writers on this site openly now. It may be because they are angry that there is huge economic downturn, who knows. But there's more clear viciousness than there was before. Now they will say anything, anything at all with no sources or evidence and gang up on people.

But the last few days I've experienced pure evil and viciousness by ganging up. You can see a spirit of warfare in some of the trolls that is beyond the ability to deal with on your own.

This site is not friendly to writers anymore.

I'm experiencing slander, false accusations, and all kinds of maliciousness here.

I think that its happening to others also, and will be a trend now. People are desperate because they don't know how to live except through bullying and violence.

I would advise others that this site isn't safe for them.

And the false accusations and things I experienced weren't true. I was only trying to make a good story.

If you stay here it is at your own peril.

Re: To other authors

Sorry to hear your experiencing trouble. Don't give up! If you feel like you're being harrassed maybe support can help out. You can always block users so they can't DM you or delete comments from your novel, though I would consider that a last resort.

Otherwise, I'm not having the same issues at the moment, so without a less vague post from you I have no clue what is going on.

Internet trolls, though, are nothing new. RR may have escaped from them for a long time, but if the site grows in popularity, so will the number of trolls grow.

Re: To other authors

I am sorry to hear that you had it so rough. Still, I believe that the law of the jungle rules all online communities and there would be no refuge from it anywhere on the web. If you are been attacked with no reason, contact the mods as @Oskatat has pointed out.

I have scrolled the review section of your ongoing novel and I must say that the negative reviews, if that is part of the ganging up you have mentioned, are nothing new and ongoing since 2016. For a work with over 2 million views and over 1000 followers, it is not surprizing that it would attract trolls and haters. You have managed to cope until now, so don’t give up. Just don’t be discouraged and look it on the bright side – for every one troll you most likely have at least 10 people who love your work.

Re: To other authors

internet bullies aren't the problem of this site, it's the problem of the internet. although i do agree the times are quite bad now and people may be looking to vent on authors more than usual, but as writers, we have to put up with and deal with it. leaving or running away isn't the solution...

and as ariana pointed out, there are many people that love to read your story. are you gonna disappoint them just because of a few jerks that have nothing better to do than give others grief???