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Do you know of any good web fiction about original, made-up-by-the-author card games?

I'm thinking of Yu-Gi-Oh and other TCGs, but I'll take anything (ex. a fantasy story about their equivalent to poker players). And if you know of any stories that include any sort of card game (even for just one chapter), I want to see that too.

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argusthecat better known for The Daily Grind has an unfinished story with like 150 pages called 

The Draw of the Unknown
"Mia Campbell is your average introverted loner.  Not exactly satisfied with her life doing pretty much nothing of import, she's also not that willing to break out and make a change.  Until, without any preamble or warning, she is bestowed with a cryptic system that both grants her magical powers, and also operates on the logic of a card game.  Things begin to escalate from there."

unfortunately that's the only story with card games in them that I've (as far as i remember lol). Good luck finding more!

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I have a story in mind based on the online cardgame at

However, it's not really going to be a cardgame story, as I'm planning to translate the cards into real-time, magic combat system. Still highly recommend the game tho. It's somewhat like a variation of Magic the Gathering, I think (?), but with 12 elements to choose from:

Fire, Water, Darkness, Light, Death, Life, Entropy, Air, Aether, Earth, Gravity and Time.

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More focused on the card side of things than the game side of things, but a while back I read Pick a Card, a worm fanfic where the MC has the ability to steal objects and store them in cards that represent them. It feels like someone took the summoning aspect of yugioh and removed the duel aspect, with the MC pulling out card combos and other shenanigans from her deck to work for her in the real world. It's incomplete, but well written and there's 110k words to enjoy.

It's not a perfect fit for your request, but I can't think of anything else I've read that even comes close.

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I'm getting ready to write one for the Royal Road Community Magazine June Contest that's coming up.

I plan for it to be a Cardpunk LitRPG with a world I've been working one, but I'm still waiting on the prompt for the magazine to be announced to really begin figuring out the story for it.