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Hey guys, I have a new series in the works, get caught up with Bay City Runaway!

James, a thirty-something software wiz with a drinking problem, runs away to San Francisco to escape a tragedy in his home state of Oklahoma.  In front of his favorite pub one night, a teenage girl with a nasty bruise on her face asks for a cigarette.  He sees her several more times and gives her food and smokes.  She appears to be living on the street, running away from abuse.  Late one night, the frantic teen, Amy, shows up at his China Town apartment. Having nowhere else to go, she seeks shelter and protection from her abuser, who could show up at any time. They form an unlikely and complicated friendship.

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Hello all, I am Kazushi Tetsuo.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this post and checking out my novel.

Ambition is a tale about the Great Minamoto Yama and his journey of conquest over the continent!


"Will there ever be a world of peace?"

This question rings across the continent for generations, until it is heard by one.

This tale follows one who will usher the world into an era of prosperity and peace.

The only one who is capable.

The ambitious, the illustrious.

Minamoto Yama!

Table of Contents:

Prologue: Root
Episode 1: The Beginning
Episode 2: Minamoto Yama
Episode 3: New Beginnings
Episode 4: The Land of Rock
Episode 5: Wandering Two
Episode 6: First Week
Episode 7: Fresh Start
Episode 8: First Day
Episode 9: The Halcyon
Episode 10: Nu
Episode 11: Possession
Episode 12: Festus 

Episode 13: Mission A (Coming Soon)

[The Following Episodes Can Be Found On The RoyalRoad Link Below]

[Genres: Action, Adventure, Tragedy, Drama, Seinen]

[Share it!]

[WARNING: Contains: Violence, Nudity, Profanity, Gore, and Sexually Explicit Content]
[I'd love positive critique, WIP]

Thank You!

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When Philosophers Cry – A Super Villainess Story


What happens when some people suddenly start developing supernatural powers?

Right, Belgian philosophers will take the lead and occupy Europe and the US, while representing the good guys, commanding the superheroes.

Does everyone agree on imposed moral values, guided by the so-called "reason"?
At least one teenager, a girl, who hails from a family of superheroes, aspires to be a super villainess.


-contains romance, but no (reverse) harem
-philosophers who read too much Plato
-dynamic action scenes
-heartwarming characters interactions

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Anti-Hero Lead, Female Lead, Magic, School Life, Super Heroes, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy

Chapters so far:


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Hello everyone,

my new book is called Children of Nemeah:

Current wordcount: 46000

The focus of the book will develop itself to fantasy, the manifesting and growing of incredible abilities and of course, the character development and interpersonal relationship.

There will be a lot of action and plot twists, creating a rollercoaster of emotions. Hope you give it a try and if possible some feedback for me :-). 


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Devour The Heavens

Ancient legends crumble into dust and the resistance against hell itself feebly locks itself away.  The High Heavens have been closed off leaving humanity at the mercy of demons.  Portals to hell are popping open and the demons are growing ever bolder.  Can mankind rise to the occasion or will they become slaves to the demons?  

Its a race against time.  Will the humans of earth adapt to the absence of heaven?  How can they cultivate to higher levels without the assistance of the heavens?

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My story is called Reborn in Another World as a (Colorless) Demon Prince or Re:Colorless:[url=]


The story is still very young but I don't think it'll be like most other isekais or reincarnation fics. I like hitting emotional highs after a good build up so if you can stick with it past chapter 6 then things'll smooth out from the slow start.

If you like stories with emphasis on characters then this is probably right up your alley.

Word count is about 45k at 17 chapters

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The Wind Shifts

Mingan, something of a lone wolf, has his solitary wanderings interrupted when he's put in a position to rescue Elloreah, one of the rare Ethereal. There is a demand for rare creatures such as Elloreah among the mythic black markets. Mingan cannot turn a blind eye knowing what will become of her should she fall prey to poachers. By rescuing her, he finds himself pulled back into the vast network and influences of the Tutelar, the shadow organization that keeps the magical elements of Earth under wraps. His fate is soon intertwined with Elloreah's, whose exile from her home world is far more complicated than either of them realize.

The Wind Shifts is a rural fantasy novel based in the Central Valley of California, and follows the lives of the mythic creatures that hide in plain sight during the late 1960s.

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A group of soldiers must decide between morals and duty as a world ravaged by war threatens the survival of the human species.  As they learn the truth about the Bastion, their home, they begin to question all they've been fighting for and if their sacrifices have been in vain. The soldiers in Venator Team Pale Horse will not only discover the secrets of the Bastion but also what it means to be human.

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Are you looking for a story with a slow moving plot focused on characterization and world building? I recommend my story for those looking for a different kind of Chinese fantasy romance.

This novel tells the story of eighteen year old Jia Meifeng, a proud Shanghai girl raised in her father's mysterious village to be a bride in one of the ten courts of Diyu, the Chinese equivalent to hell. Rather than being fearful and nervous, Meifeng takes this as a chance to gain the family she's always wanted.

Instead, Meifeng is abandoned on her wedding night. Angry at this betrayal, Meifeng begins to forge her own path by masquerading as a demon and making use of her fortune telling powers. As she slowly gets used to her new life, Meifeng's fortune telling ability reveals that someone has been murdering poor souls before their judgement day. Now, she must work together with the husband who once abandoned her and her new friends to solve the murder before the killer decides to come after her.

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Hey folks, it's been a while so I'll put in another plug for my serial Sisters of Rail.

It's a first-person female-led adventure with a little action and a fair bit of psychological stuff, about a young woman trying to find her place in a world that's making increasingly little sense to her, while not dying and hopefully not causing anyone else to die.  (She doesn't do so well at that last part.)  The setting is something between fantasy and sci-fi, the exact nature of which is being gradually revealed throughout the story.

It's now at 87k words and 30 chapters (though 4 are shorter poetic pieces and one's the prelude).

Features steam engines, heliographs, aetherspinners, crossbows, aetherrailers, too many siblings with similar names, winjeels, bicycles, low-tech podcasting, aether-boosted artificial magestones, nonstandard genders, oppressive religion, friendship, and at least one person's head being blown off.

And here's the poster:

Here's a list of the titles of chapters published so far.  The subtitles are all quotes from the chapters.

Prelude: Then - You Got Yourself into this Mess
Chapter One: Home - A Grinding of Mental Gears
Chapter Two: Herb - I Mirror Your Greetings
Chapter Three: Cook - Appreciate the Char
Chapter Four: Interlude: Tale - Demon-Cursed Amount of Mud
Chapter Five: Yard - Unintended Signal Flag
Chapter Six: Boon - Insolently Casual Gait
Chapter Seven: Morn - Dusting the Ceiling Fans
Chapter Eight: Roll - Heat of a Dozen Mirrors
Chapter Nine: Jump - More of the Jigsaw Puzzle
Chapter Ten: Roof - Replacing the Lost Steam
Chapter Eleven: Swap - Simple, Solid Things
Chapter Twelve: Cuts - Over the Heliograph
Chapter Thirteen: Interlude: Cups - Change as Needed
Chapter Fourteen: Bend - Timing of Stellar Events
Chapter Fifteen: Hive - For Paperwork Purposes
Chapter Sixteen: Wake - Pancakes' Unnatural Regularity
Chapter Seventeen: Bike - A Clear Signal
Chapter Eighteen: Ride - The Greatest Sport
Chapter Nineteen: Time - If Not Now, Then When?
Chapter Twenty: Eyes - A Transparent Covering
Chapter Twenty-One: Down - In my Cell Awaiting the End
Chapter Twenty-Two: Barb - Turn the Place into Slag
Chapter Twenty-Three: Dark - We do not Accept our Fate
Chapter Twenty-Four: Sent - Strewn Across the Ground
Chapter Twenty-Five: Interlude: Edit - Ladies, Hold Onto Your Hats

also Dreamtime 1 through 4.   But what do the Dreamtime chapters mean?  That's a mystery...

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If you are into Manga/Anime or just Power-Fantasy with tragedy in it and of course there's a love interest. This is a Shounen-esk take in Fantasy Novel form. I am trying to write something that may be able to be seen in the same light as Manga, Light Novels, etc. 
Honestly, I am not much of a reader or writer, but I always wanted to tell this story. I am getting better and I am putting the work in so I can deliver the story the way it should be. Chapter 1 was posted just yesterday, but chapter 2 is coming shortly and after that I will have them cranking out at a good pace. Check it out and I am not afraid of constructive criticism, so if you have any suggestions let me know, Thanks I hope you enjoy!
Also when you come check it out let me know what your story is and I will definitely check it out. Let's grow together!  

"Mekura Kenshi"

Brief Synopsis:
A story of a Blind Swordsman searching for retribution not only for his village and the people he loved, but also for his ability to see his own future as well as the rare "Senken Eyes" that is part of his lineage he does not accept.

Using the power of his Scorch function and keeping strong faith in his sword, The Black Obsidian, he along with his companion Brooklyn set off to make things right. Will they have the resolve to do what is necessary and if they do will they end up on the right side of history?

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Eight Thousand Years after the Glassing of Earth, Terran Descent Humanity has largely become a post-scarcity society based on consent and enjoying life. With the discovery of another ancient race beyond the "Great Gulf", events and history collide to draw the Terran Confederacy into war against an hundred million year old empire that has always won and believes it always will. With allies and enemies of multiple species, the Orion Galactic Arm Spur will be wracked by warfare the likes of which have not been seen. Cracked, harried, wounded, and damaged, Terran Descent Humanity willfully throws itself against the universe itself.

"The universe hates you and will take away everything you love, laughing while it does so." - Terran belief.

A wiki is available (although under construction) at:

Told largely from the viewpoint of other species, the story is currently ongoing. It involves graphic depictions of violence, war, adult language and situations, drug use, and other mature topics. From horror to sci-fi warfare to cyberpunk to exploration of ancient lost machinery, the story covers a wide variety of topics and genres.

The story will be updated on weekdays, so keep an eye on this page for more chapters.


"Ride or Die!" -471

"We ride this Telkan into the loving arms of the Digital Omnimessiah!" - 382

"Witness us!" - U'ulmo'ok - A Bad Lanaktallan

"I just want left alone." - Daxin Freeborn

"THIS IS OUR WORLD!" - Brentili'ik

"Surrender and be destroyed." - The Great Herd

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A Land of Myths and Legends 

It has been far too long since the Age of Humanity has come and gone, the only evidence of those times being ruins and relics, left over from a past shrouded in mystery.

In the center of the Human Continent, there exists a Tree, the origin of all the monsters and of humanity’s downfall. Yet, humans prevail, rising from the ashes every time.

Countries rise and fall, struggling in an endless cycle of conquest and bloodshed. Yet still they pray to the source of their misfortune, the Tree of Yggdrasil, hoping to be granted one of its miracles.

It has been centuries since the Tree has blessed a being. Only a select few in the past were able to receive its grace, bringing about a new form of power to the world and transcending humanity.

These beings, having created brand new lands of their own, are known as paragons of their own species, yet they are all cursed in one way or another.

Once again, humanity is rising, yet their growth brings about misfortune to all who surround them.

Those forsaken even by their own races face death, persecution and loneliness.

And yet, the Tree keeps its silence.

Until now…

A story with a developed world, growing characters and deep motivations

Check it out! :

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I think I'm replying a bit late. 

Wanna read something crazy? How about an other world venture with dark humor, profanity, gore, violent last but not the least sexual contents.

I'm currently writing this -

A man with fulfilling life gets reincarnated in another world, despite having no such desire. faced with overwhelming opponents, burning with resentment and burdened with a really dumb a.i. system, he embarks on a bloody trip. Humors are dark, offensive in cases. 

I am currently working on it, this is my first time writing a web novel, hopefully you guys will love it. It'll be a good read, i promise. peolove   

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"Monster power fantasy. Eat and become Stronger, Bigger, Dominant.

Rain is a survivor who got the short end of the stick in life. Reborn as a
terrifying and dangerous monster everything changes and he has the chance to truly grow."

This is a revenge story where the main character is killed and reborn as a werewolf like monster that grows larger and stronger as it eats.
It's main theme could be summed up with the word 'Dominance'. I've been keeping that word in mind throughout writing it.
It does not fade to black on sexual scenes or gore, it keeps it up front as is fitting for the theme, fair warning.

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  His Champion's Gifts is a tales of epic proportions that will span the length of 8 novels, taking the reader on a journey across the continent of Westlanding and beyond. An enigmatic bard befriends a pair of siblings and reveals to them wonders they never could have dreamed of seeing. Factions of zealots rise to power and kingdoms struggle to maintain control during a turbulent time. All the while the shadow of a threat grows in the distant wastelands to the south and the horrible truth of the realm's history will be revealed.

Link to Book 1: On Paths of Crimson Soil

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Title: Tales of the Terrace Republic
Genre: Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction, Thriller, Space Opera
Book 1 Synopsis: The Clearwater Patrol

Six centuries into the future and light-years into outer space, the only thing that has not changed is the struggles of the human condition.  The desires for power, love and survival persist in Tales of the Terrace Republic, a military space thriller that forges one flawed everyman into a hero.

Phillip Murphy is a veteran from a war that ended a decade ago.  He hasn’t had a promotion in a long time, and the shrinking armed forces have not been friendly.  The Terrace Navy puts him at the helm of a meager torpedo boat – a career-ending assignment.

But a routine space patrol finds his ship nearly ambushed by fighters, and when he tails them back to their base, Phillip discovers an anomaly – the investigation of which will change the course of his life forever.

Current Chapters: 22 + Prologue
Pages: 261
Schedule: Once a Week
Chapter Length: ~3000 words

The cover art is a placeholder, and I'm terrible with coming up with titles.  The story is a thriller so starts off slow and then starts to speed up till the climax.  The work is close to hard science fiction, it only breaks the speed of light for interstellar travel to keep the story moving. 
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