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Hello! I am currently trying to formulate a posting schedule for my story. For the first four chapters, I have been posting weekly, or at least trying to do so. While yes, I am not seeing as much substantial readers as others, I am still comfortable with where I am at. However, if I wish to become a well-known author and see success with my novel, and subsequently planned novels, should I start daily updates?

Personally, I have a lot going on at the current, not to mention my online courses for university will begin in a mere four days. If some veterans of the site, or if some knowledgeable ones out there, what would be the best course of action? In short, what is the algorithm of Royal Road for us writers/authors?

Re: Should I Be Posting Daily?

Posting daily is recommended to quickly get a lot of attention. In the long run, it doesn't matter as much. I've stuck to a chapter every three days and I got more than enough attention. I think being somewhat regular is more important than being frequent. The only ones who won't like it are the ones who demand daily updates, or at the very least every other date.

The most important thing is to post in a schedule that fits you best. The lists of the site are littered with stories of people who burned out on writing or just couldn't keep it up. If you can keep up once every week, but don't know if you'll manage twice a week, post once per week. Take care of yourself first. It may sound weird to say it out loud, but in the end you're the most important thing to your novel. Not your readers, or the characters, not even this website. Without you, none of these matter. You are the one it's all about, so pay attention to what's best for you first and foremost.

I'm not really a veteran, but I dare say I've had some success so far. Now I need to keep it up, so do with this advice as you want

Re: Should I Be Posting Daily?

I've been on here for almost two months. I would say post as often as you can, but don't post so much the quality of your story drops. In Royal Road the more chapters you drop the more views you get, but I am against spamming chapters personally, as I would prefer to write one chapter daily and make it as high quality as I can, rather than go on a spamming frenzy to get more viewers, which would drop the quality considerably (for me that is).

I write the moment I get up. I put everything I have into my writing and I am mentally drained after each chapter. I might be different, but I feel you should go at the pace you feel comfortable with.

Re: Should I Be Posting Daily?


Quote:Personally, I have a lot going on at the current, not to mention my online courses for university will begin in a mere four days.

Based on this sentence alone: If you try posting daily you will probably end up abandoning your story within the next two or three weeks. It happens very often to new stories on this site. Stick to weekly and you'll probably be fine. If you're busy with real life, and especially if you are a student, you can afford to take it a bit slow.

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I've seen someone write very short chapters, around 1k words and then post on weekdays.
That is only 5k words a week, less than some people who post once a week.
I think they have had a quite a bit of succes doing it and I can say in my own experience that it is suprisingly nice as a reader having a new chapter each day, although I kinda suspect it unfairly games Royal Roads system by getting them more exposure in the new chapter tab.

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I wouldn't worry about the recently updated tab. In the end, someone who posts 50 chapters at a rate of one per week and someone who posts 50 chapters at a rate of one per day get the same amount of exposure. While it may seem like someone who posts 1000 words every day is at an advantage over someone who posts 3000 words every three days, you could also say they're catering to different audiences. The only place where the short chapters have an advantage is on 'popular this week' as that counts the amount of views, which is higher if you have more chapters.

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Just post as you see fit, as you are comfortable doing.  If you are really that concerned about visibility on a daily basis, I suppose you could post an ad, RR does sell space for that  purpose.  I posted chapters very vigorously when I was putting up finished material , because it was finished material and I could.  As I saw no reason to hold up people's reading, I made an extra effort in the time I had available.  However,  I am a slow writer and sweat out the development of new material, and so do not want to rush it.  I think that's best for me, as a hobbyist. People  who are involved with an ongoing story can and do mark follows, so they can get notified when chapter material is added, so need not page through announcements billboards looking for news.  It does attract new readers of course, who are looking for new material, but so does the ad thingy, comes to that. the displays are up there every day, and will be looked at the day you decide to post just as they did yesterday or last week.  Unless you intend to post every couple hours,  its hard to see what difference it would make in terms of visibility. Some, I'm sure, but perhaps long term, not as much as you might hope.  

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Shua Wrote: Thank you all very much for the advise/wisdom, and yes I do agree with it all. I am quite content with the views I am getting as of current, and frankly its still a bit surreal for me to grasp at it. However, I will remain sticking to my weekly update schedule, quality over quantity as they all say!


I patreon a couple of bucks a month to about half a dozen stories.  I don't think any of them update more than once a week, and one of them about once a month.  I toss them the cash because they write well, and I enjoy their stories.  I'd like them to have the free time and motivation to continue writing.

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I used to do webcomics and if there is one thing that I can say that I'm sure applies to any medium that leads to the "should I post every day?" question is that if you can manage it, you will flourish for it, but if you're not regularly pumping out a publishable, clean post's worth of content every day, you probably shouldn't post every day.

I'm a strong believer in building a content buffer—don't launch your webnovel, webcomic, or webproject until you have a certain number of backlogged posts that account for at least 30 days worth of work. So if you post only 2 chapters a week, you'll benefit from having a bare minimum of at least eight chapters already polished and ready to submit. 

My rule of thumb is kind of like... only post half of what you can create on average, per week. So if you're easily churning out two polished chapters a day, by all means, take advantage of that and post one chapter a day. But if your rate is more like, say, four finished chapters a week, I'd say only post two chapters a week and save the excess as your content buffer.

Life happens and when it happens, it bloody happens. Sometimes you may need an unexpected month or two off to recover. Sometimes work picks up and your two chapters a day suddenly drops to maybe two a week. You'll thank yourself for having built up a buffer of chapters to schedule, so that not only do you get your story closer to completion (without burning out over stress) but you also get to keep providing for the people reading it. 

That's just my (honestly overthought) rule of thumb, though. Some people thrive on the pressure of having the obligation of new content every day, off the cuff. 

I am not that strong.

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That is a good point as well, and frankly I wish I had built up that content buffer of sorts. But I am still glad I took that first leap into posting publicly. I've been more motivated than ever to finish the story, and the chapters I have been posting as of late would occasionally receive some edits, with chapter three receiving the most extensive of edits. It may be a bad practice, but this posting is more of an experimental version of the story. And once I meet a conclusion/end, I will edit and make revisions as needed, but without taking away too much from what I posted.