Re: Looking for a cover

Hello there,

I'm looking for a new cover for my story. The current one is something I threw together quickly, and really isn't the best.

My story is this one:

What I'm thinking of is a cover focused on the main character. She's a young woman with blond hair and grey eyes, and would probably be wearing a robe in blue, silver, or some combination. The story is xianxia and takes place in a cultivation world, but there's also a lot of probably more Western stuff, so I'd say it's a mix. It would be great if the cover could reflect the MC's affinity to both light and darkness. Other elements that could play a role would be the moon or a pheonix.
But really, those are just suggestions. If you do a good cover that looks completely different, I'd still be happy.

If you want, I could read and give you feedback on or just review a story in return. I could also take a few chapters and do some editing/proofreading, giving you some tips on how to handle that. I'm not a professional but I think I have a good grasp on grammar (feel free to check).

Re: Looking for a cover

Hi! Yes, it is. I've already commissioned a cover from someone on Fiverr, but it's not turning out how I'd hoped. There's only so much you can do with stock images, I guess. So, yeah, if you want to take a crack at it, I'd be grateful.
Do you want me to do a critique or review of your story?