Re: Review Swap! (LitRPG, Apocalypse, Politics, Fantasy)

There are already so many posts but I'm CrAzY!  My story's about a politician who gets caught up in a System Apocalypse!  I'd love to do some review swaps.

My taste: LitRPG's are my bread and butter, but I don't care as long as your story is good.  I'm a big fan of action and intelligent characters!  Preparation themed stories are also pretty awesome!

Make sure to specify whether you want a rating, a review, or an advanced review!  They determine the level at which I'll critique in the review.  For example, for a review, I'll break it down a little but for an advanced, I will break down your story to the molecular level :)  

Here's my story: Swordmaster Witlock

Re: Review Swap! (LitRPG, Apocalypse, Politics)

I would like it to swap review.
My story is not litrpg though, but there is a lot of action if you are interested.
I have been re-editing my story and I want to know if it is good now or not, so I would like to exchange advanced reviews.

My Synopsis:

No matter how many years it takes, for every grievance, there is someone responsible, for every debt, there is a debtor, and for every action, there are consequences.

What happens when one of the cruelest action known to humanity keeps on repeating over the years? When life is a dime a dozen, when the blood is enough to fill out rivers.

Inevitably, something is bound to reach out from the mountain of corpses.

What will be born?

A true monster.

Then what happens when he desires freedom? The most absolute freedom.

In a world filled by countless energies, where it is only natural for countless paths to emerge, where Warriors, wizards, perfectionist, ancestors, shifters, rulers, angels, devils, demons, along with many others. Clash in what seems never-ending wars, seeking to fulfill their desires and dreams.

In a world where every dream requires power to fulfill it and where freedom, requires the most.

The story is in my signature