Re: Review Swap: Science Fiction (Space Opera/Military Sci-fi) but Open to any Genre

I have a week of vacation and I'm willing to do review swaps with others who want to review similar works.  With my vacation done I'll still do reviews, just it will probably be one review every 2-3 days instead of 2 reviews a day.  Still open to all genres.

Mine is The Tales of the Terrace Republic

Here's the synopsis of the first book, called The Clearwater Patrol

Six centuries into the future and light-years into outer space, the only thing that has not changed is the struggles of the human condition.  The desires for power, love and survival persist in Tales of the Terrace Republic, a military space thriller that forges one flawed everyman into a hero.

Phillip Murphy is a veteran from a war that ended a decade ago.  He hasn’t had a promotion in a long time, and the shrinking armed forces have not been friendly.  The Terrace Navy puts him at the helm of a meager torpedo boat – a career-ending assignment.

But a routine space patrol finds his ship nearly ambushed by fighters, and when he tails them back to their base, Phillip discovers an anomaly – the investigation of which will change the course of his life forever.

Currently it is 203 pages long, and no I don't expect you to read it all, that would take too long.  I'm looking to swap reviews up to 30,000 words, maybe more, let me know how far you'd like me to review.  I'm looking for up to around the end of chapter 9.


Re: Review Swap: Science Fiction (Space Opera/Military Sci-fi) but Open to any Genre

Ah, a fellow military science fiction writer! I'd be more than happy to do a swap! 

Fic is in my signature as well and I'll post the description down below. Do note that it's about three times as big as yours so I hope that is not a deal-breaker. :P

Welcome to Blackfortress!
As one of the biggest industrial cities on planet Azuno, Blackfortress has been playing a key role in the planet’s infrastructure, being the primary exporter of minerals and industrial machinery. Numerous cargo planes and vessels leave the city every day, but when a group of Aftonian satellites mysteriously shut down, the city suddenly goes silent, and the shipments stop coming.

When a distress call sent by Riley McConnel a few days later eventually arrives, the Sapphirian Navy and the Aftonian Military Corps put together a joint task force of marines and soldiers, tasked with the objective of reconnoitering Blackfortress and hopefully restoring communications. However, as the soldiers of Operation Black Knight arrive in the city, they quickly discover that the place had turned into a warzone.

Separated from the rest of his unit, Lieutenant Patterson and his soldiers venture deep into the city in hopes of finding answers, but when people and objects from the planet’s troubled history reappear, their mission soon turns into a desperate fight for survival, and a race against time.

Re: Review Swap: Science Fiction (Space Opera/Military Sci-fi) but Open to any Genre

Hey! My story is a lighthearted mix of fantasy and scifi, with a heavy focus on comedy and humor. Here's the synopsis: 

Meet Ian.
Ian is an IT consultant who accepted a supposedly impossible job for an incredible amount of money. However, he quickly learns why his colleagues avoided that gig like the plague.
Ian now hates his job, and wants to be fired to get severance pay. However, things don’t go as planned when he downloads MERTICORE, a mysterious program that popped out of nowhere.
After that, the life of Ian has changed drastically. Gone are the days of drinking bad coffee while staring at a screen.
His days are now filled with magic, fighting weird creatures and even weirder people. Let’s not even mention the comrades he collects along the way, which are more often than not worse than the (numerous) enemies he makes as he bumbles through alternate dimensions.
There’s also a disturbing number of laundromats for some reason.

I would gladly swap a review with you if you're interested!

The link is in my signature.

Re: Review Swap: Science Fiction (Space Opera/Military Sci-fi) but Open to any Genre

I would love to swap reviews.
I have been re-editing my chapters and I would like as many people as possible to tell me how it is now.
I have about 10 chapters + prologue done re-edited.
please be honest as possible so I could know where I could improve and I promise to do the same.

Now my synopsis: 

No matter how many years it takes, for every grievance, there is someone responsible, for every debt, there is a debtor, and for every action, there are consequences.

What happens when one of the cruelest action known to humanity keeps on repeating over the years? When life is a dime a dozen, when the blood is enough to fill out rivers.

Inevitably, something is bound to reach out from the mountain of corpses.

What will be born?

A true monster.

Then what happens when he desires freedom? The most absolute freedom.

In a world filled by countless energies, where it is only natural for countless paths to emerge, where Warriors, wizards, perfectionist, ancestors, shifters, rulers, angels, devils, demons, along with many others. Clash in what seems never-ending wars, seeking to fulfill their desires and dreams.

In a world where every dream requires power to fulfill it and where freedom, requires the most.

My story is in my signature.

Re: Review Swap: Science Fiction (Space Opera/Military Sci-fi) but Open to any Genre

Hi durrik,

 I'm interested in participating in this exchange. I'm new to this website, by the way, so please forgive me if my understanding of the website's functionalities are limited.

 My story is sci-fi and East Asian fantasy and at the moment, is about 5,600 words. The synopsis is as follows:

 Tara's father saved their people in the face of Armageddon. But as with any other blessing, his existence was not destined to last forever. Before he was reclaimed by the heavens, he uttered one last wish - one that only Tara could fulfill. 

Now Tara finds herself on a distant world far more primitive than her own. She meets a soldier who resembles her father in more ways than just appearance. What answers does he hold that will guide her to her ultimate goal?

Thank you for your consideration!