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Hello everyone!

I've been sitting on this world since 2002 [as it was a plot for one of the games I worked on back then], but recently due to Corona cancelling all the conventions everywhere], I've been stuck inside writing things. []

So without further ado, here is some tasty concept art for my new book:

1. Gorefield:!c%2Falexiuss%2FEr...15tvzw.jpg

Gorefield is one of the main baddies of the story, the god of flesh. It's all of humans, animals, apples... anything alive really that's been combined into a singularity of the flesh. Gorefield is worshiped by the Cults of the Gods down below and is summoned by the Necronomicon.

2. Error:!c%2Falexiuss%2FEr...40f7sb.jpg

General description:
Small crystalline Kobold, about 4 feet, very red, shiny, reflective scales. Big crystalline red horns, which glow purple in presence of Magical fields.
Wears golden collar with words:
[Property of Ognevika: Error]

-Overestimates her own strength and sturdiness
-Can't remember kobold names
-Can't tell other kobolds apart
-is haunted by future horrors in her dreams
-knows too much about the hoard and nothing whatsoever about the Empire above
-has no clue where food comes from, zero cooking skills
-hates cold and waterfalls
-Very Susceptible to memetics [mind control magic]
-Most solutions to enemies or threatening things involve breaking things or killing things
-is occasionally a bad listener [doesn't respect opinions of non-Dragon things]
-is very speceist [when it comes to non-Dragon things]
-Solutions are often violence, suppression of opinion, brutal execution of enemies, suspicious of newcomers, suspicious of dissent
-is the ultimate selfish hero, everything she does is for her own benefit, everything is rationalized to benefit herself.
-Is selfish to the point of being completely and utterly unable to connect with others.
-thinks all other kobolds are her property

Positive sides:
-Her mind has been reshaped by the magic to think like an Adventurer
[+10 in human-style rationality]
-Knows every single item in “her” Hoard by name and knows how 90% of them function
-Looks for loopholes [example: combining items, using magic in unusual ways, breaking systems, etc]
-Is very inventive, imaginative, creative
-Utilizes modern systems of organization
-Actively fights against sort of “bondage” such as the kobold slave collar.

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Xian Wrote: really nice work, I love the illustration and character for Error.  I may have to check out your book based on this artwork alone.  Plus I love characters that look for loopholes :)


Next one:!c%2Falexiuss%2FEr...5ybdir.jpg

General description: Small crystalline-aquatic Kobold, about 4 feet, blue and white.
Blue horns, glow blue in presence of Magical fields. Tips of hair glow white.
Wears golden collar with words: [Property of Ognevika: Agate]
Looks different from other Kobolds of Ognevika’s hoard - has fins and tail.
Is an outcast.

Is the first kobold to find Error. Upon seeing how clueless error is, decides Error is best friend material as somebody with no prejudice.

-Naïve, gullible, clueless, rebellious when it comes to Kobold law, obedient when it comes to the Thrall Collar/Law Of Ognevika.
-Freezes up when trying to think too hard.
-Doesn't know names for many objects.
-Makes stupid decisions which haunt her later.
-Licks everything
-Is desperate for friendship

Positive sides:
-Inquisitive, tries to understand everything, even though she has no education or experience
-Immediately trusts Error, as she herself is constantly bullied by Kobold society for being stupid/different.
-Is extremely friendly and kind
-Likes strangers [unless they are humans]

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Third main character time!!c%2Falexiuss%2FEr...fwd06a.jpg


Born in the Dragon Library, raised by Tundra the Dragon who hoards books.
An anthropologist Expert on humans. Has read countless human books, trying to understand human history specifically about the iron moon Celestar.
Wears StarHammer necklace. Worships the Builder/Celestar and also considers herself an unofficial Machinist [Ferrum apprentice].
Has elk-style horns, which glow green under Magrad fields.

Wear black and white frilly dress and “a Library Tag”, which controls her actions via orders of Tundra.

-dislikes other kobolds of lesser education.
-Doesn’t understand/refuses to learn dark magic such as necromancy
-dedicated more to pursuit of human-themed knowledge than anything
-Uses/tricks others to reach her goals
-Is jealous of humans and wishes she was one

Positive sides:
-Rational char, maximum rationality in all decisions.
-Understands the Empire law and geography
-Understands mechanics, chemistry, physics
-Can make variety of tools and build, repair, modify or sabotage complex machines

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Vitaly Wrote: Lyca:
looks good, I dig the celestial forest spirit thing you have going for her antlers.  She's a bit leopard/jackalope.

I can understand recycling the tail, there's a lot of detail there and it'd be annoying to redraw it, but I'm trying to figure out why the hands were recycled.

Oh wait.. I think I got it.  You're sketching the back view overtop of the front view to make sure you get the shapes and proportions the same, right?

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4th main character concept art is done:!c%2Falexiuss%2FEr...3d0zzm.jpg

General description:
A humanoid moth from a self-contained, highly advanced Moth civilization located within the shard of the Moon, embedded deep in the Earth.
A psychiatrist.
Wears a doctor-style outfit.

-very meek
-very weak
-too kind/civilized
-doesn’t want to murder or hurt anyone


-can control memetics
-is a psychiatrist
-Is able to enter dreams of others and incept herself into them, fixing psychological problems.
-Is protective, loving, caring, defending.