Re: Review Swap? Warning: I WRITE NONSENSE.


YukiDaiko Wrote: My preference is other lighthearted work but I am flexible, senpai. Also probably don't offer a review swap if you aren't a fan of the genre or are incapable of removing your hatred for isekai from your review. You'll only give yourself a butt haemorrhage and nobody needs that. I care about you. I care about your butt. Don't let this happen.

I have already reviewed yours, can I still get in on the offer??

Mine is also lighthearted and fully intended to feel like a light novel or a manga.  While I don't make use of truck-kun, there is still a lot of the expected nods/tropes for an isekai.

Re: Review Swap? Warning: I WRITE NONSENSE.

Hi, friend, I would love to do a review swap

Title: The Epic of the Atlas Dawn 
Summary: In Altaris, a magical world where mages, monsters and threats of every kind exist, young Klay embarks on a journey to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming, the Dauntless, one of 9 the legendary heroes of the Kingdom of Acadia. In order to make this dream a reality he must first attend Gran Akademos, a school, where his skills, ambition and drive will be tested at every turn and new friendships and rivalries will be formed. Klay must find out if he is strong enough to achieve all he has set out for or if his dreams are as fleeting as the wind. This is a story that proves that through hard work, discipline, and with close friends by your side any dream is achievable no matter how large.

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