Re: New Refugee from Wattpad

Hi, I'm a writer that's been on a lot of different platforms, but for the past year, I've mostly been on the site Wattpad. That has changed however, when Wattpad shut down its forums recently, severely impacting how I would get feedback on my story.

I have now posted my story to Inkitt, Fictionpress, and here as well, in the hopes that perhaps I will get more feedback than I have on Wattpad. Does anyone here have advice for me on how I can best get feedback on my story?

Re: New Refugee from Wattpad

Welcome! We've had quite a few people come in from wattpad.

For feedback, post one chapter a day maximum to build a solid reader base and use the author comments to ask for it. In one chapter I just wrote 'trying something new here' in the pre-chapter author comment and got prompt replies. If people get invested in the story they'll use their comments to give you feedback - some better than others. When people do, make sure to reply politely and thank them, even if you don't agree with them - At least they took the time to give feedback and their point of view is valid even if you don't agree with it

You can also ask for a feedback for a review on the forum (review tips and discussion) for example

Re: New Refugee from Wattpad

Welcome to the site!  Oskatat is giving some good advice here.  I would just add that it can help a lot if you are ACTIVE on the forums and have a link to your work in your signature.  That spot becomes your own personal ad space that you can use to promote yourself, but it only shows up when you are taking part in discussions in the forum.  I've seen a fair amount of other authors that I've interacted with from some FB groups post their work here via some schedule, but then spend zero time in the forums and zero time looking at other people's work or participating in review swaps, before yanking all but the first chapter when they publish to Kindle Unlimited.  Then they complain that their work isn't getting the attention they want and say that RR was a waste of time for them.

So... TLDR; You'll get what you put into it. ^__^