Re: Review Swap (Horror + Dark Fantasy Only)

Hey, I'm a horror fan but my current project is more dark/urban fantasy. The early chapters don't reflect the dark fantasy right off the bat as I am building to it in the later chapters. I also have some future chapters that are more in the vein of horror as one of my characters is a character ripped right out of horror fiction. 

I'd be happy to do a review swap if you're interested. I'll add your story anyways because I do enjoy horror.

If you do decide to do a review, I'd be happy with your general thoughts and opinions. What you like and dislike, it doesn't bother me. As long as you can be objective and honest. I'm a big boy, I won't cry too long if you tell me it's shit lol.

But I'm still getting used to reviewing so I'll be aiming to remain as objective as possible, but that'll be hard for me since I'm a horror fan anyways. 

My story is in my sig.

Re: Review Swap (Horror + Dark Fantasy Only)

My story, A world of Monsters,  follows a monster and a human in a system word, with a Buddhist/Hindu philosophy. The System is especially influenced by this philosophy. However, the world is not an easy world to live in. Death is easy to come by and survival difficult. It is a dark fantasy and NOT a power fantasy.

[url=]A World of Monsters[/url]

Things I can promise, in the story:
1. Grammar [As per Graammarly]
2. Monster will be a monster while the human will be a human.
3. Evolutions.
4. No harem.
5. Grimdark
6. Well defined characters [In my opinion at least XD]
7. No OPness.

If any of these things catch your attention, give the story a read. I would prefer it if you read my story until chapter 8, which is ideal, but until chapter 6 would do too.

Re: Review Swap (Horror + Dark Fantasy Only)

Hey there.
My story is a darker take on high-fantasy were other than only the usual orcs, elves, trolls, and goblins, original alien species take active roles in its development.
It is a multiple lead story so it tends to have entire chapters whit POVs that don't follow the (current) main lead and still move the story forward.
It revolves around a Gamelit system but promises Xianxia vibes.
There is comical relief as soon as certain characters will be introduced but in the earliest chapters follows the tragedy of a man stranded, alone, on an alien world.

The characters tend to see life as it is more than how it's fantasized to be and they follow a Seinen line of thought. So it's more adult-adult, than young-adult material.

Whoever's up for review swap hit me up with PMs.
Ciao for now.