Re: Recommend a story you hate, but have to admit is good.

Oh my gosh, so there's a ton of different things i just can't read even if i really otherwise would want to, like i CAN NOT hand horror, or especially confusing (mystery) stories so have a few that i totally would read if i weren't such a baby lol

"Jessica is a young peasant who has worked in her family’s fields for her entire life. Recent events have increased the burden resting on her family’s shoulders, but she retains her free and unbridled personality. That day, however, her path crosses with circumstances beyond the control of most beings. Will the trials she faces grind her down, or will she emerge out of the whirlwind stronger than ever?"

Keep Breathing
"Keep Breathing follows lung cancer survivor Eury as she returns to her sleepy hometown, dreading coming home to her parents and the complicated past that still haunts her. Even with every amenity afforded to her by modern society, Eury has a hard time staying alive. But when the townspeople are driven insane and begin attacking one another at random, Eury is cut off from everything and everyone she holds dear, and left with a dwindling supply of oxygen.
Hardships and heartaches, bloodshed and violence, once she’s through it all, will Eury be able to keep breathing?"

The Killing Cat: Vengeance of the Wicked Girl
"In an alternative school for delinquent girls Holly Hayfield has no place to belong. Her kind and gentle nature is seen as weakness by the other students. They don’t know that she has a dark past just like the rest of them. To make matters worse, the resident sociopath, Valentina, wants Holly’s help with a mysterious plan to take over the school.
Holly’s quest to find a place to belong is hijacked when she uncovers the corpse of a former student. From that moment on mysteries and conspiracies enshroud the school. What begins as the far-fetched urban legend of the Killing Cat turns into grim reality. Will Holly make a place for herself in this dangerous new environment? Or will the school collapse in the shadow of a vengeful spirit?"

Palus Somni
(seriously though, the author recommends different songs to listen to while you read. I got like half a chapter in and had to drop it)
"Every night when the sun sets the monstrous Gol, colossal beings with too many teeth, awaken and roam the marshlands. Only those with a faithful heart will be spared. Young acolyte Wille has never seen the walls fail, but when a fellow nun is murdered within their sanctum the very safety of the monastery is thrown into question. Did the Gol find a way to breach their defences, or is there a human traitor amongst them? The answer lies both far in the past and deep beneath the earth, through the maze of ancient catacombs."

hope you find some you enjoy lol