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Alright, I will get right to it, I need help making rewards from a milestone system I want to have in place in my story. This is for when my character reaches a certain point in his stats like having Str:70 or Int:140. I

These rewards have to do with different aspects of a certain stat. For example, the agility stat in my world affects Speed, Dodging, and Attack Speed capabilities, and as such the first three rewards will have to with increasing one's speed, dodging, or attack speed or something like that. An example maybe 

-Speed Focus(Skill)
Increases one’s Speed capabilities by 20% and Dodge and Attack Speed capabilities by 10%

-Dodge Focus(Skill)
Increases one’s dodging capabilities by 20% and Speed and Attack speed capabilities by 10%

-Attack Speed Focus(Skill)
Increases one’s Attack speed capabilities by 20% and Dodge and Speed capabilities by 10%

Future milestones rewards will differ depending on what one has chosen beforehand.
What I need help with is determining the Strength rewards, strength in my world affects Physical Power, Health, and well some other third aspect that will hopefully come to mind with your guy's help.

Good to note also that I have another stat called Vitality that affects, Poison and Venom resistance, Stun and Disorientation Resistances, and finally Stamina Regeneration 
And I don't want repeats or stats having overlapping aspects. With all that said please give me your ideas.

Re: Need help making rewards

I'm not a fan of rewarding someone for something they would have done anyway. It feels empty, mere gratification. A reward, in my opinion, should be coupled with something out of the ordinary - accomplishments, heroic or villainous acts, things like that.

Personally, I'd make those milestones 'branching paths' where you can further specialize and optimize your build, or cover for some of your weaknesses. As you progress on the milestones you can double-down on your bonus in ever increasing steps, or you can spread it for a more generalized effect. 

That's just me though

Re: Need help making rewards

That's what I'm going for here. Depending on which reward a character chooses there next rewards change allowing them to further specialize their abilities. The first rewards are pretty broad with an extra boost on what they specialize in, as I don't want anything to fancy to start. Anyhow, I need help determining the third aspect of strength as i already have Physical Power, Health and I need another that I can't seem to think off.