Re: Completed artwork of my MC's new transformation - "Ouroboros, the Dragon-headed Serpent Who Devours Tyran (...)


Akaso Wrote: If you don't mind, could you give me your interpretation? I'd love to know the POV of someone who doesn't have the underlying context.

Sure! I'm familiar with Ouroboros mythology and am immediately assuming you've been inspired by, but taken plenty of authoritative liberties, with it - which is cool.

So, as an American I read left to right, and view the space-age, alien-like, cybernetic enhanced being on the left of the image to be the "original" body of the character, and the golden, Ouroboros-serpent-inspired right side to be the transformed body.

Already I'm envisioning this cybernetic alien humanoid crash landing on ancient Earth - perhaps during the height of Greco-Roman / Egyptian empires. I really want to just say ancient Greece as that's where the word enters Western text, but the iconography of it originates in ancient Egypt. Maybe also because the hue reminds me of pyramids, and I'm endlessly amused by the "Ancient Aliens" show on the History Channel theorizing that aliens helped build them? Haha. Good times. But the Ouroboros word itself is Greek, so let's roll with that era.

This alien has now crash-landed, perhaps atop a mythological ruins or some such site that is later written about by Homer or his ilk. In there they discover the great world-eating serpent and bond with it, somehow melding their cybernetic and organic matter with the Ouroboros and transitioning to this new form.

I then find myself curious if it will be they, rather than the original serpent, that goes on to fulfill the Ouroboros's prophecy.

At least that's what I get at first glance, I suppose.

Re: Completed artwork of my MC's new transformation - "Ouroboros, the Dragon-headed Serpent Who Devours Tyran (...)

That's a fascinating interpretation, and it's... Not that far off. He's very much a deific, "ancient alien" type figure that crash-landed on a less developed world, though the typical alien/human dynamic is flipped on its head.

At the point the story takes place, mankind has become a completely transhumanist species, to a point where custom-built bodies are the norm rather than the exception. The setting basically reached the very final boundary before cyberpunk, then did a hard 90° turn into optimistic sci-fantasy. Take someone from that civilization and drop them into a vaguely post-apocalyptic, spaghetti western type setting, and there it is, that's my story right there.

For reference, here's his "base form" before he gained access to this one. Now his "base form" is effectively the same, just a little bulkier and with the more "normal" right arm he has in the new form.

The Ouroboros concept is very directly connected to the story line and the character's intent to be the world-eater for what he perceives to be a world of tyranny, so that he may remake it into something like the utopia he remembers.