Re: I reached 250 subscribers on!

I started posting Hands Held in the Snow on Tapas recently, and it actually got featured on the front page of the whole website as a Staff Pick, and it's gotten super popular since then! It's done well enough on Royal Road, but it may be overtaken soon if RR isn't careful!

Now the story is popular enough to receive ad revenue and donations, and it's so cool. (Also if you want to subscribe too...... I would tear up in happiness.....)

Check it out:

Re: I reached 250 subscribers on!


Drew Wrote: Congrats!!! I'm not super familiar with, but I love your cover/artwork that goes with the story.

It'a great platform, from a reader's perspective. So many stories on there that I really like. The novels on there are still pretty small though.

Xian Wrote: oh that's great! Congrats :D

My oldest posts their work on tapas, I believe, but they have a web comic.  They find it to be pretty lucrative.

(they are a way better illustrator than I am FWIW)

Yeah the site is more for comics, but some super great comics to be sure.