Re: How does one put pictures into chapters?

I'll venture a guess that you need to have it on the Internet somewhere. Presumably, it doesn't really upload the picture, just uses the link. I could be wrong, though. I put a picture of my cover somewhere by actually linking to it on my fiction page, because I had the same issue.
There are websites where you can upload pictures. So far as I know, there are even some where the image isn't publicly available. A quick search shows several image hosting websites. Maybe someone who knows more can share their experiences.

Re: How does one put pictures into chapters?

The only images that RR lets you upload are your book covers, and your avatar.  Everything else has to be hotlinked (linked to from another host) and some hosts don't like that.

I use a lot of images for character designs and such in my books, so I upload them to deviantArt first and then copy the image address from there in order to link here.  I'm really bad about keeping my dA account updated in the first place so this hits two birds with one stone

Re: How does one put pictures into chapters?


keepthywits Wrote: Thanks for the advice! 
Do any of you guys know if uploading it from google drive would work?

Hmm... let's find out...

I've gone into my gDrive and selected an image and set to "anyone with the link can view".  I then opened the link in an incognito window and it loaded the image into a viewer application and disabled the right-click so that you can't "Copy Image Address".

I opened up the Chrome Developer Tools and inspected the image in order to get the direct url to the image and opened it into a new tab.  I've copied the resulting url and am going to attempt to link it here:

In my preview it has loaded but I don't know if it will work until I hit submit.  It also wouldn't load the height and width values to allow me to resize it.  When I do hit submit, RR's anti-spam will kick in, because "I'm including a URL" which is annoying.  so.. you won't see this post until an admin approves it...

So the short answer is: Yes.  Yes, you can use images from your gDrive
Longer answer: But it takes a number of hoops to jump through and you have to be very comfortable with how the Dev Inspector works.