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Just a rookie writer would be glad to get any feedback or critcism.
Name: The Devil's Tears
Quote:Synopsis- The 88th Magic Knight Candidate Examination is going to take place in the city of Abros, the capital of Rublor Kingdom. Thousands of young talented fighters handpicked by reputable Knight's are going to participate in this exam. But only a handful of those people will be able to pass the exam and get the chance to be selected to become a magic knight candidate.

At the same time, Sebastian Heller also arrives at the capital in hopes of becoming a magic knight candidate. He comes from a small village far away out in the boonies. Excluding Sebastian's skills in combat abilities, he had few problems of his own. Sebastian since birth had an intimidating face which made him a little harder to approach. On top of that, he also suffers from 'nervous laughter', a condition where animals naturally grin or show their teeth when nervous, stressed, angered, or uncomfortable. Because of these problems he often mistook for a goon or an evil person.

With such difficult problems and tough competition, can Sebastian pass through the exam and become a magic knight candidate?

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Binary Progression

The story a typical guy playing a typical MMO, no VR, not even voice chat. This time however, the game has been completely abandoned, no moderators, no admins.
Only the most eccentric characters can remain in the buggy mess of a game where massive guilds serve as factions, owning land and enforcing rules.
The game seems off in some way, can't put my finger on it though. Link~

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I would love a review of my book-in-progress. Whenever anyone has the time and will, you're welcome to Rise & Fall.

With 11 chapters so far (125 pages, 35k or so words) it's a story of a noble adventurer, whose latest adventure might change the world that had been stagnant for centuries.
It happens in a fantasy world of my own making.

I ask for brutal honesty, either good or bad. You get to do something in your free time and I get the chance to become better :))
Rise & Fall

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Hey if you are still doing reviews. My story is called Wandering the World.

The year is 2028 it's been 9 years since the Great War that saw most of the world nuked. A world government has now been set up to prevent anymore wars. After a tragic event Stan is seeking revenge, but against who? Find out more about this crazy world with Stan and his two homies, Dariűse, and Quiet. Who have their own beefs with this crazy world they live in.
(Sorry for the way it's written this will eventually be a comic book. This is just the written out version.)

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Title: Reborn in Another World as a (Colorless) Demon Prince

After years of trying with everyone saying he couldn't do it, he finally proved them wrong. But one night, while out for a snack, he loses his life. After a meeting with a god-like(?) being, he's reborn into a world of magic where monsters roam and adventures are sure to be had!

But he's a demon? And a prince?

Now known as Kieran, he's babied and sheltered from the outside world by his kind blue-haired caretaker and the not so kind red-haired one. But even as he enjoys his new life, a long war between his people and the humans loom over the kingdom, one that threatens to engulf everything he cares about.


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Journey Of The Unrivaled Mage

I would love a review swap. Here is the synopsis of my novel:
What will you get when you give a Conqueror an Unrivaled System, and send them to The Magus World?
An Unrivalled Mage!
Follow William as he journeys through The Magus World and advances over the blood, sweat, and tears of his enemies along with his friends and subordinates to realize his ambitions and fulfill his goals.
"Oooh, so he is threatening to embarrass me in front of everyone at the auction tomorrow? 
How can this young master allow him to do that? 
I'll immediately use my cheat to show him who's the boss!
Then let's see who gets the last laugh.
Ha hahaha!"

The story has 30 chapters and 32K words so far. I'd really appreciate your input. I'll also review your story as a 'Thank You'.

You can find the link to my story in my signature.

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Sounds awesome! My story is linked in my signature. It's a D&D-style story, inspired by the old Dungeon! board game, about a grumpy dwarf paladin and a barbarian obsessed with doors who explore a dungeon in a swamp. Her dream is to save enough money to live alone in a nice little house and he -- well -- he just wants to steal ALL the doors! :D

Criticism is very welcome!

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Alex had always wanted to be an adventurer. The money, power, fame, money, and thrill of battle drew him in. Finally, he completes his training at the guild school, top of his class in almost every subject, and starts off his new life of protecting villages, and rescuing innocents. But rather than waking up in a tavern after his first job, he is in the entrance of a cave in the middle of nowhere. Not only that, but his perfectly trained adventurer body has been replaced by a baby dragon! Now, he must join an unlikely team to find out what happened to him and find a way to restore his lost humanity.

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Here's mine.

The ten Realms are separated you say? They are inviolable you have been told?

Well, you are wrong.

Unlike what you have been thought since you were but snot-nosed brats, Rules which bind the System are there to be broken.
Rules set by those who stand far above the mortal Gifters, have been in place since ages untold, placed to govern you; placed so that the ever-shifting Energy would find its eternal resting spot.

Behold now, how the first of those Rules is shattered by someone whose resentment toward Them spawns far enough to break through the Realm of Conscience.
And the controlled chaos it will bring forth.

In a Universe where Realms which are not meant to ever connect have started bleeding into one another, follow the adventures of those led by Destiny to unravel the plots of the One Which Shouldn't Have Been.

The story has a justified multiple character lead tag, it starts slowly with establishing a bit of world-building, before taking off strong. I'm posting it slowly because writing it from many different POV was a bit taxing at first, so the manuscript still needs reviews on my side.
Hope you'll like it!

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don't expect to end up in the reading list with this amount of posts but hey, might as well :p
sci-fi adventure with some deeper/darker themes in philosophy, religion, mythology and psychology 


"Everyone hates Amber. And she isn't that fond of everyone either.

At the age of 25, she is a PhD and a professor of history, with marvelous prospects and overwhelmingly positive reviews of her work. She speaks seven languages, is a piano prodigy, and can wipe the floor with her opponents in any debate. The only thing she can't do is find a partner for a research project.

She is almost ready to give up when her supervisor (and adoptive father) gives her a new job opportunity. An artifact has been uncovered in an unexpected place, and it might just prove the ancient legend of the Aquamarine Moon to be fact, not fiction. It is also an opportunity for Amber to leave the secluded human reservation of Alexandria, which is being sustained by the almighty and mysterious Muuk.

On her quest to solve a millennium old mystery and see the galaxy for herself, Amber finds a whole lot of trouble on her head, a few new friends, and answers to questions she never even dared to ask.

Why did the ancient race disappear? Why are there no real stars in the Alexandrian sky? And who the hell are Light, Darkness and S? You'll discover it all on the pages of Enlightenment.

And be warned: once you read this book, you can never, ever unread it..."