Re: Anyone else came back to the story they abandoned and try to revive it?

So the title is rather self-explanatory. I made a story here in RRL a couple years back, got kinda lazy and stopped updating it. Now, with recent events unfolding and me getting an overabundance of free-time, I decided to give it another try and see the old gal through to the end, wherever it may be.

I'm wondering if there are others like me; those who are coming back to worlds abandoned and plot threads unresolved.

Why did you come back? Are you continuing the path of your old self, or are you revamping everything? How has the writing gone for you?

Well, here's hoping I can get some replies and maybe some stories to follow at last.

Re: Anyone else came back to the story they abandoned and try to revive it?

Because I like them. Also, they are partially written already, so free content. Also, while keeping what works, old stories need heavy editing, expanding the overlooked ideas and reworking the plot lines that are too close to fanfics.
As for stories to follow, unfortunately those stories are offline. There's only my current story here, that spent most of the current year on hiatus due to reasons.

Re: Anyone else came back to the story they abandoned and try to revive it?

I stopped uploading when my hard-drive crashed and I lost chapters upon chapters that I'd written offline.  I got super bummed, and stopped writing for a really long time. 

If your first thought upon reading that sentence is: "Why didn't you have a cloud backup?" -- I did. I slammed my forehead into my desk when, hours before the hdd failed, I mixed up a process.  I had meant to take the recently added-to documents (between 2 and 5 chapters freshly written that week for 5 different stories), and overwrite what was in the cloud with those updated versions.  Instead, I did it the other way around.  I overwrote the local copies with documents from the cloud that were 2 to 5 chapters earlier in their development than what I was trying to copy.  

So that night I went to bed bummed that I'd lost out on essentially double what I'd written. Then the hdd crashed while I slept, so I had no ability to try and see if the local documents had some kind of history, or if I could use the Registry and try and restore a previous iteration.

The thought of trying to recapture not only the chapters for each novel I'd written recently, but also a handful of older chapters from each novel bummed me out even more, and I stopped writing entirely. I stuck to bladesmithing, woodworking, and other things to bide my time.

I have a better backup system now, and am writing again. With the exception of one story here that I've uploaded the remainder of to mark complete as a first draft, I'm still working on everything else offline so I can build up enough to update regularly through to the end.

Re: Anyone else came back to the story they abandoned and try to revive it?

I am in this boat, but the situation is a bit different. I work for a packaging machinery company and demand skyrocketed due to medical equipment manufacturers going into overdrive. Combined with having to work from home on a crappy VPN I went from working 8 hrs/day to 12+. I decided it would be better to let the story slide into hiatus and bolster my anemic chapter buffer. My goal is to finish the arc and upload a chapter every few days starting in September. I never hot trending and only have a couple ratings so I'm under the impression the hiatus didn't kill much in the way of momentum.
Other than that, I'm still following my old outline-the overall story is set in stone.

Re: Anyone else came back to the story they abandoned and try to revive it?

Drew Walker, I feel your pain very much about losing work due to tech problems. I actually lost my very first completed fiction (which I finished in 6th grade) due to a computer malfunction. It was devastating, and I think it contributed to me having problems finishing fics in general. I supposedly had an earlier version of it in a physical copy, but I can't find it anywhere at the moment, so tough luck.
I'm glad you were able to get things going again and I hope with my current work, I can release myself from the curse of abandoned fics.