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It has been 3 months since I started writing a xianxia novel on this website. The thing is, my story is not getting enough reach. I have seen stories of the same genre that started after mine yet got more views and reviews in such a short time. A positive or negative review is not the matter here. It is a matter of reach. My story is not reaching people, and no one is reacting to them. So how do I get more views and reach more people with my story? If anyone is knowledgable here about how the site works, then please give me some advice.

Re: How To Reach More People With Your Story?

Going to be honest here, hopefully without being too rude.

1: The sexual content tag. Check in the ToS or the FAQ if it really applies as it tends to scare people away

2: Your synopsis is not good.

Those two things will stop people from even beginning on your novel.

I'm not a big fan of the xianxia or wuxia genres so I won't comment on those specific issues, but your synopsis is very generic and way too big. Scrap the whole first paragraph, we don't need to know about the world unless it's truly unique. Show us your world in the story. What you need to put in there is Why people should read your story. What makes yours worth their time when faced with the thousands of novels on this site? I'm getting none of that right now.

3: Updates

You seem to update in batches. Instead of posting three chapters, post one and schedule the others to post the next day and the day after that. This way, you'll be on the recently updated list three times instead of one. Being on there is usually good for about 4 hours. Consider your time-zones too, if that is a factor. Publishing in the evening of the US western coast means it's late at the east coast and night in Europe - most of your potential readers are from those areas.

4: Chapter length

Chapters should be long enough to get people invested in reading and to have them immersed in the story, but not too long as it is still web-publishing, people often read here in short bursts, not like reading a book for hours and hours in one go.

Your chapters are very short for RoyalRoad. 80 pages over 23 chapters? Seems like less than 1500 words per chapter on average. By the time someone gets up to speed with what is happening, it's already over. There are plenty of people who won't read anything under a hundred pages (100), because less is just too short to make much of a story. Having that spread over a lot of chapters doesn't help.

Hope this will help

If those 80 pages are already packed full of things happening and exciting fights and lots of progression in strength, I would add the advice 'take it slow'. A book doesn't have the same visual aides a movie, anime or manga (or manhua) does, so you need to take some time to present a situation.

Re: How To Reach More People With Your Story?

From the FAQ:

Quote:The Trending list is aimed towards providing more awareness to the fictions that have shown rapid growth. To get on this list, a fiction must have a cover and be at least one month old before its ranking can be calculated by the sum of star ratings and reviews over the last month compared to their total, which means that unlike the Best Rated list, negative ratings cannot push someone down on the Trending list. It actually helps push a fiction towards the Trending list and helps keep it there.

Any story that makes it onto the Trending list tends to get a large number of new views, follows, and ratings since this list is constantly shown on the front page. That is until the story is bumped down by its competition.

There have been people getting disappointed after getting on the trending list. Yes, more people will get to see your novel. If they don't like what they see, this is where they'll let you know in a way people won't do before.