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Hello! I've tried making two covers myself, but I don't feel like I've done a very good job, there has not been a lot of people noticing my work.

There are four primary characters of importance. I'll list them in order of importance.

1. Anarion Ragnor. He is 6'5, he is built due to his years of training at the academy, so fairly muscular (though not arnold like). He has messy auburn hair, blue eyes and often has an angry or annoyed expression on his face. He is currently 19 years old in the story.

2. Amma Shadowsbane. She is short, 5'2. She is curvy, I don't really write about bust size because I am not writing Ecchi. But she too has been training in the academy so she is in good shape like Anarion. She is kind, calm and warm.

3. Falcon (no last name, he is an orphan so his name is given.) He is 5'8, has a scar under his left eye. Falcon has naturally wavy black hair. He's pretty much the cool badass type that most younger women would fawn over. His expression is neutral most of the time.

4. Ithilious Shadowsbane. He is the twin sister of Amma. He is 6'3 and shares the same body type as Anarion. He has more handsome features, short blonde hair, no scars. His expression is typically jovial or eager.

The world is fantasy based. There are a variety of trope races with a bit of a twist. The four characters are becoming Swordsmen. The swordsmen are ancient protectors of the realm who use a weapon called Katarn. They are basically Katana made with an indestructible metal called Irium. It is pitch black. They also use an elemental magic called Elestran.

Anarion uses Ice and Wind Elestran.
Amma uses Fire Elestran.
Falcon uses Metal (in the current chapter i am writing he is trying to coat his limbs in it.)
Ithilious uses Wood(he sucks at it though).

Through training Swordsmen can unlock power within their Katarn, up to nine different releases for a single blade have been recorded. Different blades have different powers. If you want to throw some foreshadowing into the picture, you could put Amma in a brighter part of the background and Anarion in a darker part of the background.

There are a few other side characters you can use if you want.

Bwoire: The mentor to the group of four. He is a Wood Gir, basically an Elf with a green skin tint. His power is lightning. He has long white hair.
Aenos: Anarion's brother. His power is light. Basically it melts demonic flesh and heals all around him. He looks like Anarion though he has wavy hair.
Maluk: A cursed human. Has no skin, instead is covered in head to toe in blood, could show some visible bone. He has no hair. He is a former Swordsman.

As for the look, I leave everything up to you. I am more or less throwing in characters you can use. If you just want to use Anarion that is fine. Thank you very much.

Edit: As for a name, just use Wolf please :)

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Hi, your covers look amazing! I'm in no rush and would love to see your interpretation of my main character/story (cover and link in my signature). It actually started out as a comic so hopefully that will help provide some good reference art (

The protagonist is a body snatching alien who arrived on Earth in a meteorite and is inhabiting a human host. She can transform her arms and face.
Human form: 5'2, somewhat tanned, 18 y/o girl with shoulder-length wavy brown hair and brown eyes
Alien form: face splits and unfolds sort of like a flesh-colored 4-petaled flower, with rims lined with small teeth and a circular mouth in the center filled with larger, sharp incisors. Eyes are circular, with red iris and black pupil and sclera. Arms split into several tentacles (currently a similar reddish fleshy color, but could switch to be the same skin tone as her human form if you prefer - I don't have a preference either way even though it's my own character lol).

The setting is a modern-day college town.

Also I'm considering changing my title at some point, so if you do end up picking this up and it's not too much trouble, could you also provide a version with just the art and no title? If not, no worries!

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Hi! Your art really looks amazing. If you have time, I'd love it if you could make a cover for me. Thanks for the offer, and no rush.


The main character is a young woman (18 years old), average height, with blond hair and gray eyes. I've described her as pretty with high cheekbones and a delicate nose. She would probably wear some sort of robe, blue or silver (or blue and silver). Not sure if this is relevant, but she's a genius, a bit asocial, interested in science and research. She has an affinity for light and darkness in terms of magic.
Edit: Oh, and she's a princess.
The setting is mostly cultivation/xianxia, but there are elements of Western Fantasy as well. The tech level is already pretty high, and over the course of the story, the MC will try to improve it with knowledge from Earth.

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Novel: Stranger than Fiction

Author: The BlackStaff and NightMarE

The setting: Fantasy/LitRPG - Grimmdark-ish in nature. Magic and the like~

Main character: 
hair -- jet black with locks in front. somewhat unruly. 
eye-- brown eyes. 
skin -- moderate skin tone. =
height - roughly 5 ft 10 inches slim body, with some musculature (He goes to the gym, but he isn't overly bulky)

Short summary: Earth's worldcore fragments, causing the slow destruction of the MC's world. He ends up in another realm- one where the very rules of the world allow for the use of Magic. He is teleported into a lesser dungeon and the first Arc focusses on his survival.

Actual Summary/Blurb - 

"You have entered the Crypt of Fiendish Worms.”

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in hell? Probably look around for fire and brimstone and hungry demons baying for your flesh.

What’s next?

You'd check to see if you’re still wearing pants.

For Lukas Aguilar, it is no different.

Torn away from his former life on Earth, Lukas Aguilar finds himself trapped in an underground dungeon with no escape in sight and hundreds of questions...

Am I still alive? What is this place? Why am I here?

Vicious monsters stand in the way of answers and in a world where even the smallest of insects sees him as a potential source of food, Lukas will have to grow quickly to survive. Still, an underground cave, a strange assortment of monsters and a screen that just won't stop following him around— You'd think that Hell would be a little more consistent.

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Wow, this is very kind of you! My novel is already inspired by anime, so your style would be perfect.

The main heroine is a young dwarf moon paladin named Hilda. She's perpetually grumpy but has an artistic side she keeps hidden. She has a bit of a Semitic vibe to her. She is wearing a full plate armor and is armed with a heavy shield and a battlehammer, both of which are also moon themed (when she's smiting something, the head of the hammer burns like a meteor...). I imagine her dark-haired and swarthy with a stout, powerful build. In the novel, she often jokes about being a terrific doorstop. All she wants is to loot enough treasure to build herself a nice little home and leave in it all alone...

The setting is classical D&D-style dungeon located in a swamp far from civilization. The dungeon is inspired by the old Dungeon! board game.

Anyway, here's a link to the novel: Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be terrific!

EDIT: she's also very closely allied with a human barbarian who has a very strange habit of dragging a ton of doors with him everywhere. He uses them as shields, weapons, building materials, lifeboats... he's very rough hides and is very muscular and hairy (he's a bear totem barbarian). He's clean shaven and has short but shaggy hair. He's at least twice as tall as she is, but probably a bit less broad. I imagine him as being somewhat Slavic in style.

EDIT #2: please ignore the current cover art. It's just a random pic I used a placeholder.

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Hi there

I like your amazing anime covers!

If you still have free time, I'd appreciate it if you can make a cover for my story.

The main character is William. He is young, 16, having an indifferent but attractive face with a slim and well toned body. He looks cool.

The story is about his journey in the Magus World, so you know it has a lot of magic.

It would be great to show his body with some wizard robe or something with a greyish black circular shaped object floating above one of his hands. (Spoiler alert) That is Chaos Magic Power which he later gains in the novel.

Surrounding him are his 5 loyal followers, 3 males and 2 females. If you want to add them, just adding them as black figures will be enough. Or you can avoid including them.

If you want more details, you can ask.

Thanks a lot in advance!

With regards,

Mister Op

PS: I have published 30 enjoyable chapters. So, if you're looking for inspiration or looking to have a good time, It'd be awesome if you visit my novel. You can find my novel in my signature.

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Hey! I'm not sure if you're still accepting requests, but I'd love it if you considered my work, The Chronicles of the Scyllians. 

It is an action/adventure, slice-of-life-esque story. 

You can take as much artistic license on it as you'd like, but the general premise is the following: 


Set in a fantasy world, the story features an ever-expanding cast of characters try to survive the trials and tribulations of Majin Academy: an academy that serves as a training ground for the next generation of mages, prioritizing practical training - and a school, an academy, that is willing to relinquish their centuries of power and influence to give the reins of control to the students. Students whose aim is to make their lives more interesting by their own hand in a school that for so long had guided their own towards society. And whose own have now taken it upon themselves to guide their fellows to more trials; trials accepted and sanctioned by those who want to see how far their own can prosper. 

What fate will happen to those that try to take control? 

And what fate will be pressed upon one who is taken for a ride, seemingly always in the center of the chaos? 

This is their story. 

Character Description: 

The MC is a sixteen-year-old student, a water mage, and has an exceedingly girly face - on top of innumerable scars everywhere aside from his face. Inducing more than enough insecurity with him. He typically wields either a full staff or two half-staves (which can be split at his leisure since they're connected with ice). His hair is a medium-length, (arguably anime-ish, if you want) dirty blonde, standing at 5'10, or thereabouts, with an athletic, if lithe, build. And there is water revolving around his limbs near-ever-presently, as a consequence of his magic. 

There is a uniform, but it is up to you if want to include it; a black uniform with silver stripes, with an emblem of a black-sun surrounded by an azure seven-pointed star. Ultimately, they're not depicted all that much in it. They often - often - change their clothes, even if the MC dislikes it immeasurably. 

As for any scene/setting, it is up to you! There are a couple of potential ones I can think of, but I wouldn't want to infringe on your creativity - since I'm not sure if you're still accepting requests, after all. Either way, a standard anime-trope-like fantasy world, school-life world would suffice - or having him in deserts, volcanoes, aquatic landscapes above or below the water's edge, or even with floating islands behind. Or just a school building. There is not really anything that would be out-of-place. 

That being said, the MC jumps back and forth between interest and irritation with circumstances in the story so the facial expression, too, is up to you. 

The story will be linked in the signature, too. 

Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to read this since I have twenty-something chapters out at a decent length... and there is a lot more I intend to upload once I find it in myself to push myself to edit more. 

Best regards, 


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Asuras: They have either one horn on their forehead or two horns(which are for nobles), they also have a slightly tanned skin colour. MC's mother

Devas: They have wings on their backs which comes in even numbers like 2,4,6, etc. the higher the number of wings the stronger they are. MC's father

The MC: Half Deva and Half Asura 14 years old, is found as an orphan on earth, eventually he finds out that he is not human, thus he struggles with his identity.

The World: Is earth but slightly into the future maybe 30 years, Humanity finally found life on other planets which were the asuras. Asuras invaded earth, eventually humanity found a cultivation manual in a asura ship.  Humanity started to cultivate which led to Qi getting denser in earth  the animals on earth started to mutate into beast, also able to cultivate. Basic xianxia but with a bit of sci-fi. Countries have their own strongholds and the rest of the land has been dubbed wild lands or chaos lands filled with beasts. 

The MC's face: His hair was black and unkempt, Looking at his face he had a thick eyebrow with grew in an upward fashion, and his eyes were hazelnut the colour of his mother’s eyes. He had his mother’s nose as well which was sharp and narrow which gave off a noble aura. His mouth was like his father’s which was always in a smirk. 

The MC's body structure: Human

The MC's Armour: It is called the sage's set(inspired by Sun Wu Kong) The circlet was matt black made of some type of stone, the overall was made of scales of sorts with fur and the sleeves of the wrist and at the bottom of the pants. It had a glossy finish on the scales, making the scales glisten under the light of the chandelier. The gloves were black and fingerless only having a single metal plate on the back side of the hand. The only unique thing about the boots was that it was more like a long sock than a boots, it was also black with metal rings around the calf part.

The MC's Weapon: It is a staff called kumo(cloud) also inspired by Sun Wu Kong

Your art is honestly amazing, and it does not feel right having you make a cover for me. So do you have a Patreon or is there any other way which I can support you? 
Anyways the details I mentioned above are the basic outline of the story. I would really love a cover from you, as the cover I am using right now was made by me and honestly very lacklustre. 

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Hi, I have another project for you if you are interested. If you can't draw anthropomorphic anime characters, that is okay. Here is the link: 

I want to change the cover because some readers have mistaken my Cerberus girl for a character named Minerva in the Spinnerette webcomic. But I used her image to represent my character. Here is my character's description. 

The Cerberus is three girls trapped in one brown furry muscular body with three dog heads, humanoid. Their names are Labda, Cilla, and Katina. Former Amazon warriors from Ancient Greek who got cursed by Hades for slaying his guard dog in the Underworld. Now they have to guard his gateway as his new Cerberus for eternity. When Medusa and other monsters escape from the Tartarus to the modern-day human world, the Cerberus hunts them to take the monsters back to the Underworld. With the help of a human cop named Roger, they will face many adventures while struggling to return both worlds back to balance.  

Katina- Left head with a spiky mohawk. She is aggressive, fearless, and loves fighting. A tsundere type of girl.

Labda- Center head with a ponytail. She is an intelligent leader who uses strategy in combat. A warrior nerd type of girl.

Cilla- Right head with pigtails. She is cute, passionate, and she isn't afraid to fight. A moe type of girl.    

The image below should give you a clear picture of them. For the background, the Cerberus girl is standing in front of the stone gate to the Underworld, surrounded by fire. They are holding a sword and shield, ready for battle. The title is My Cerberus Girlfriend with my author-name.     

I hope you will enjoy this project just like the Werewolf Cheerleader book cover. Thank you.

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Hello, gonna say damn that good art. I'd appreciate it if you could draw a cover for a story of mine as well, titled Fallen Worlds
The main character is Alden, a young teenage boy, blond hair and deep sea blue and greenish eyes. There is a drawing of him in chapter 1 which is done by a friend.
Alden has amnesia so doesn't know who he is but is very quick witted and has a far greater physical abilities than an average human. There are 11 main characters in total though you only need to draw Alden for the cover, only 1 other is introduced anyway. 
The World it is set in is erm. Completely designed by me, 17 parallel planets connected through dimensional gates, which used to form a great Empire which fell. Each of the 17 planets have their characteristics. Next to the gates there is something which connects the worlds called the World System, which I hope you add on the cover since Alden stands out a lot by receiving special priviliges from the World System. It shows itself as intangilbe blue screens. Aldens Job Class is a Defender, he uses a shield. He doesn't have his personal weapon yet but if you are going to put it in cover just ask since there is already a design for that.
There is also a great war going on and Alden is going on an adventure to try and end it.

The Main focus is basically Alden, the war. Another request is as a small easter egg put chains in the background, not very noticeably.

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MC: Female, Black Long Bang, peach skin, ember eye, slender, White battle dress with teal mithril padded armor, black short skirt with a potion strap. A player that gets transported into a game world upon activating the hardcore mode, Rpg type of world with freedom, and a lot of systems based notification/menu.

I am hoping for something like the FL on a grass field with a mithril slime by her side.

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Hello! My story is The Adventurer's Academy, it's quite a few chapters in. I'd love to have a cover done!

Main Character:
- Rin Asahiro: 20-years-old, a little short, long black hair, a youthful face, and amber-colored eyes. She starts off in the story as a sex worker and it's established that she was pretty popular with the clients because she has somewhat big breasts, sultry eyes and a slim body. She's very poor though, so she doesn't wear anything fancy, usually just a white shirt and brown leather pants with black boots. That said, as the story progresses she will be getting some actual armor, but I'm not at that point yet. As far as her "aura" goes, even though she's a peasant she still has a bit of an elegant air to her. 

Oh! And, she's going to be a hand-to-hand martial artist. If you want to integrate that into the art in any way (such as with wrappings around her arms or a certain musculature) feel free to! 

Here's the link:

If you decide to do it, thank you!