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I'm a big fan of when an author includes a detailed appendix to their work that dives deeper into the mechanics and world of their story.  It's like having an In-Story wikipedia to explore.

I've been developing one for my own book that has little bios and stat sheets for characters as well as character artwork, detailed notes on various races, or world aspects, or how my magic functions.  I'd like to include this in parts and add to as the story progresses (so as not to give away major spoilers).

How would you handle this?  Right now I've got a chapter titled "Appendix: Characters" and I keep dragging it to the bottom as a new chapter is released and adding an update line to the pre- author note when something gets added.  I noticed, though, that since I started doing this the comments on new chapters released has dried up.  I'm assuming this means that people read the book up to the Appendix, then when I keep dragging it to the bottom, their RR progress says they are all caught up and they aren't seeing the new chapters. :(

I hesitate to put it at the beginning since it would spoil a ton of stuff for new readers and current readers wouldn't go back to it.  Should I create a "new book" as a companion book for it and make updates there and link to it from my chapter author notes?

Re: Including an Appendix?


Oskatat Wrote: you should be able to shuffle your chapters around. You can constantly move it to the position of being the last chapter that way. Or just put a warning that clicking the link will put you through to a page with spoilers (don't do it if you are a new reader) etc

Yeah, this is what I'm doing now. But I'm starting to suspect that the practice is throwing off the progress tracking for my readers.

I read chapter 10
next is the Appendix and I read that, it's last
chapter 11 is published
author moves Appendix to last again
RR thinks I'm all caught up since my progress marker is on the last chapter item.

At least this is my guess.  So I'm wondering if anyone else has tried something like this and what their exp was.

Re: Including an Appendix?

Agree with Olviddha. Having a separate fiction for your Appendix would work. You could even break it up into new chapters as you release chapters in your main work. This would reduce the risk of spoilers and show up as a new release along with your novel's new chapter. You could add a link to it in your author notes along with a description so your readers would be aware of it.

Re: Including an Appendix?

For a regular novel, having the appendix at the end is good, but for a webnovel, I'd suggest either putting it at the very beginning or making a new one at the end of each "volume". I like appendixes too, but anything will begin to feel annoying if it's constantly being shoved in my face. I don't want to think that I need to read the appendix in order to understand the story.

Personally, I'd put it all in a single appendix chapter at the beginning. Most people will ignore and skip it, but they'll have seen it, know it's there, and be able to go back to check it at their leisure.

You can still update it and add to it. Just use spoiler tags to divide it up. That way you can make it into a massive wall of text that doesn't look like an intimidating wall of text.