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Hello everyone, I am new to royal road, I started to publish here also the novel I am working on.

  "Vyndra stories" is a world that can be said I know quite well, first I tried to do it in comic, but due to lack of time I did not follow, this year I decided to do it in novel format, it can be said that I am mainly an illustrator like this that my idea is to couple as many illustrations as I can. I hope you enjoy reading and also criticize it.

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Way late so this may not get seen, but you never know, right? 

(Would have image right here, but it's refusing to show :/ )

Kierra isn't your typical 'thin, fit, beautiful, and gentle' heroine. She's a big girl with a bitchy, brash attitude, and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. She isn't perfect and has no wish to be.

Faline is small, the softer side of the sibling coin, but no less tenacious. A carefree spirit who on many an occasion has to corral her sister before things get out of hand, she has a sharp mind colored in whimsy. A woman with a taste for life and becomes drunk with its possibilities.

A fated meeting with a mysterious yet handsome friend becomes Faline's personal hell when Vampire fangs are bared.
A chance encounter leaves Kierra fighting for her life when she's taken down by an insane Werewolf and left for dead.

The search for a lost sister has never been more perilous. A strange new supernatural world awaits them both as they meet fascinating new allies, make terrible enemies, and uncover hidden and buried secrets.
A Blood Moon is just over the horizon, and shy walking shadows won't stay shrouded forever.

LinkShy Walking Shadows

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I’m a little late to the party, but my Urban Fantasy fiction, Chaos Cannot Be Controlled, is currently at about 20k words and updating once or twice a week. It centers on a very disgruntled Seer, her well-meaning but naive student, and the Chaos god who’s about to disrupt both their lives for good.
Description: When July is recruited by Death herself to educate a younger Seer about the supernatural, her first lesson is very simple: immortals are dangerous and can’t be trusted. But her warnings fall on deaf ears as her student, Emma, is much too interested in magical beings to be afraid of them. Their lives and lessons are thrown totally off-course by the arrival of Nytep, a Lovecraftian god of Chaos who delights in toying with mortals.
Nytep takes an immediate interest in July and becomes a secret secondary tutor to Emma--but what starts as a game to him will grow into something much more meaningful (and dangerous) for everyone involved. After all, Chaos forces change, whether it’s wanted or not.

[Read it here!]

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Emperor of Poker

Genre: comedy/sports/crime/action/drama

Here is a blurb first before the synopsis. I wrote this today so it's unedited and  won't be published until tomorrow:


It was getting late and the game didn't last much longer. The players left followed by the staff. Joey walked out and took his usual route home through the alley nearby. He heard a voice.

"Look who it is." A man came out obscured by shadow.

"Who's that?" Joey asked.

Snort. "Who do you think, punk?"

"From your serial raper"

The hidden man frowned and stepped forward. It was Marco, and he didn't come alone. Behind him came out two others.

"So I was right."

"Shut up!" Cords bulged in Marco's neck. "You probably thought you were pretty cool the other night, huh?"


This script wasn't going the way Marco had planned. He expected this kid to beg for mercy. Instead, he felt like a clown. 

"Enough bullshit. Fuck him up." Marco's crew walked towards Joey when they heard footsteps from Joey's direction of the alley.

Three hulking men emerged from the shadows. Their leader looked over at Joey, with an even more ominous glare than Marco.

"It seems the cast's all here," Joey commented.

"Who are you?" Marco said to the new men.

Their leader looked over at Joey and said, "You remember our deal, right?" 

"Of course, we can get it notarized if you like," Joey responded.

The new group of men moved to stand side by side with Joey. It was Craig and his friends from the poker game. Joey had called them in when he guessed what Marco had planned.

Marco frowned, but he wasn't ready to back down either. They looked like a bunch of kids, how tough could they be.

Marco's group and Craig's group locked eyes with each other. They sized each other up, searching for weaknesses. In this desolate midnight alley, the only sound was that of their heavy breathing, coming alive like smoke in the bone-chilling winter air, as they prepared to engage in a fight with potentially terrible consequences..

At this moment, Joey took a step forward, craned his neck, raised his arms out in front of him, and said, "Spew forth, my minions." 


The silence was deafening. The seconds passed like hours. Craig wanted to cry, but finally gritted his teeth, roared, and led his side to attack.

Six men launched a brutal struggle in a concrete jungle. Adrenaline flared. Shouts echoed. Fists flew. It was chaos. 

"Pikachu, use slam!" Joey pointed and commanded Craig.

Craig's punch veered off and he took a hit. This was the worst moment of his life.

"Bulbasaur, tackle!"

"Jigglypuff, sweet kiss!"

Joey coached Craig's two friends.

'Why am I Jigglypuff?!?' One of them took a hit to their self esteem.

Marco's group was enraged, feeling like Joey was treating them as fools. Their eyes grew red and they fought harder.

Unfortunately for them, Craig and his friends were only more enraged. Joey's comments hurt more than any fists or kicks ever could. They knew the only way out of this hell was to beat Marco as fast as possible. They dug down deep, going into berserk state. 

'They're evolving mid fight.' Joey experienced the pride of a Pokemon trainer.

The melee soon found a natural conclusion. Although Marco's group was older, like him, they were just playboys. Craig and his friends were athletes and won through sheer athleticism.

Marco's group was squirming on the ground. Craig and his friends were gasping or leaning against a brick wall.

"You did it, I proud of you Daniel-san." Joey was satisfied with this ending.

More than ever, Craig just wanted to go home. "We're even now right?"


Synopsis: 20k+ words

"To outplay a man in poker is to own him in mind, wallet, and soul." - Joey Fiore, World Series of Poker champion.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire overnight? It was the start of the poker boom and that was the dream of millions of poker players all over the world. All types of geniuses, gamblers and hustlers flocked to poker rooms with goals of making it big. Follow Joey, a teenager with nothing to his name, except the special ability of being an empath, as he rises to challenge the greatest poker players in existence.

Empath: someone with the abnormal ability to vividly understand the minds and emotions of others. (*This is a real life ability.)

*I'll be publishing new chapters every day! Don't worry if you don't understand poker. It's written for a complete novice in a reader-friendly manner. You'll still enjoy this and probably even learn how to play after reading!

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Charles Barlow was an engineer in the Empire. One day, he wakes up inside a mysterious cave. His artificial intelligence companion is still with him, but he’s surrounded by monsters and people from old fantasy literature.

The world itself follows the strange rules of magic and cultivation. Technology acts as if it’s an artifact.

He shakes himself out of his stupor; he has new a goal in mind. He will make this world into a perfect colony for the Empire, find a way to open a permanent portal, and finally annex this land in the name of the Emperor.


Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

#68 Me and My Army of Magical Beasts
Genres: Magical, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Tamer, OP
Mauno is just an ordinary kid living peacefully in his village until one day he wandered into the forest and befriended a magical beast. He thought nothing of it thinking it’s just a kind of friendly magical beast. But he is nothing but wrong. Not just one beast every magical beast he has encountered started obeying his commands. In a world where humanity is under constant struggle against magical beasts and monsters how will this terrifying ability of his alters his life.

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Hello all, I am Kazushi Tetsuo.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this post and checking out my novel.

Ambition is a tale about the Great Minamoto Yama and his journey of conquest over the continent!


"Will there ever be a world of peace?"

This question rings across the continent for generations, until it is heard by one.

This tale follows, one who will usher the world into an era of prosperity and peace.

The only one who is capable.

The ambitious, the illustrious.

Minamoto Yama! 

Table of Contents:

Prologue: Root

Episode 1: The Beginning

Episode 2: Minamoto Yama

Episode 3: New Beginnings

Episode 4: The Land of Rock

Episode 5: Wandering Two

Episode 6: First Week
Episode 7: Fresh Start
Episode 8: First Day
Episode 9: The Halcyon
Episode 10: Nu
Episode 11: Possession
Episode 12: Festus (Coming Soon)

[The Following Episodes Can Be Found On The RoyalRoad Link Below]


[Genres: Action, Adventure, Tragedy, Drama, Seinen]

[Share it!]

[WARNING: Contains: Violence, Nudity, Profanity, Gore, and Sexually Explicit Content]

[I'd love positive critique, WIP]


Thank you!

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This is kind a pointless with only a few days left but hey, may as well.

Fresh off a forced hiatus - An 'Ordinary' Adventure.

Genres - Action, Adventure, fantasy and comedy

- contains Gore and Profanity.

A series of unfortunate events lead to the self-proclaimed ordinary guy, Knight Yuudai, to be imprisoned in another world. He, and a young girl he was imprisoned with, must escape together.
They will travel across the demon-infested Dragon Lands to reach the exiled races, who were born from the Elder Dragon. Along the way he must fight the parasites that are the demons.
His journey will make him bear witness to the horrors and wonders this world has to offer, while desperately searching for the last bit of familiarity that resides at the floating world tree.

- Light novel format with each chapter consisting of a multitude of 1k-3k parts. Chapters as a whole are around 20k.
- Isekai where the protagonist isn't op for once! Actually far from it.
- Cute lolis for all those who love 'em, but don't worry, it will still include your typical big-chested women.
- A tale that starts off despairingly and evolves along with the mc into a hopeful adventure!
- Fun magic and combat! Flexible power but weak protag
- a few brothels along the way ;) 
- A new world filled with vast lore for the protagonist to discover on his journey! And hopefully, some side stories taking place in the past!
- Oh, I said hopeful... yes and no. Definitely becomes hopeful but, as the abyss encroaches on the DragonLand continent, something similar crawls its way into our protagonist.
- If you like Satella encroaching on Subaru's life in Re zero, this will include something similar. Hehe

I really hope you guys will give it a read!

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I'm seven chapters in to this story, I think its a lot of fun.

It's called Glitched Amazon; Ghosts Only Die Once, and its meant to be a humorous look at what it would actually be like to be a game character inside a VRMMO. The main character starts out with her memories erased, which allows her a unique viewpoint into a world populated by players, who see everything as only being a game, actors, AI who are programmed not to know they are in a game, and extra, who are all the classic mindless mobs one would expect. 

It's that strange perspective of the main character, as she struggles to cope with her situation, that provides ample room for humor and excitement, as to her, none of this is actually a game.

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Hey, I just wanted to promote my fiction The Merchant Prince

It is the tale of a member of a wealthy trade family who is sent to visit an unexplored island (at least that's the start of it).  It continues with him arriving back in his home city, where he will need to scheme in order to get back what he is owed.
The setting is based on the merchant republics of Italy during the renaissance.  So far it's received good reviews, and I think if you give it a shot you will find it exciting and engaging.  I hope you take some time to enjoy my work.

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Hello everyone, didn't see an August promotion yet so I'm posting this here!

I wanted to promote my novel Sleeping Princess to see if I can get more exposure on this website.  peolove

Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Nakagawa Madoka wakes up from a two-year-long coma only to find out that her life has changed. Her mom has found a new lover after her father died three years prior. Not only that, she now has a stepsister too. Madoka then meets her mother's new lover...who seems to have taken a liking to her.

Thank you for your time, please enjoy your stay.

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Good day everyone.
Being new to the site, I have only published the first chapter, but I will post them every two or three days depending on how many people will be interested in them.
Name: Masquerade of Souls

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Criminal.

A slave, a thief, a lord, a gambler, and many others. They're all different people, but they have something in common - they all wear masks. Nobody knows what problems it might cause, but when they find out, it'll be a very painful truth to bear.
Annabel's quiet life changes suddenly. She remembers being a happy girl, living with her dear parents in the countryside, surrounded by light and joy. Now she's one of the slaves whose destiny is decided by Mr. Alferdo Morr - a slave driver and a dangerous man. Her actions are guarded by a ruthless watcher, her freedom is locked in a cage made of someone else's wishes and desires.
But everything flips head down when she meets a boy with sly green eyes and self-confident nature.
Will he become her savior, or her new doom? Why does he wear a mask of ego, and who is that tall handsome young lord she has to meet? Is everyone in the Albie's Nest worth her trust, and why is love so complicated? Who is honest, and who is only pretending to be?

Slogan: We all wear masks.

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