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Auntie Toasts the VRMMORPG

Genre: LitRPG
Type: Slice of Life
Word count: 243193 words 

After Flora Fluss burns down the kitchen, her son insists she is too old to live alone. She's got two choices. Either move into a retirement home or spend the rest of her life within a virtual reality game governed by society's most advanced artificial intelligence. When you've worked a lifetime as an engineer for home appliances, naturally, you go with the option that has more toasters. 
Soon, Flora finds out that the virtual world is more familiar than she thought. Though, it takes her a while to get used to the idea that tanks don't hold water or oil but the aggro of mobs.  
Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG contains cute crafting, complicated game-mechanics plus how to exploit them, unconventional training methods, and a lot of toasters.
New chapters: Mondays and Thursdays.

Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

I'm new to this site and only recently published here, but I'd like to promote my ongoing fanfiction novel Unwind.

Set in the world of The Legend of Zelda, it follows our protagonist who has to unravel the mystery behind why time keeps looping upon his death, as well as why those deaths keep happening so frequently.  It also has LGBT+ themes if that's your kind of thing!

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*waves shyly* hi!
Sisters of Rail

Genre: it's a sort of psychological fantasy adventure with a variety of sci-fi, steampunk, and cyberpunk elements?  Also it has a female protagonist and is told in the first person.

Summary: Charity Wilison is a freshly engaged farmgirl who lives in the sheltered community of Forrester's Crossing.  Anticipating being whisked away to make a new home with a stranger, she is sure that her biggest challenge will be leaving her family behind.  But after briefly aiding a mysterious traveller, she is dragged into an adventure full of secrets, lies, and magic.  Can she get her life back on the rails?  Does she even want to?

The 'make your story sound as boring as possible which still being somewhat accurate from a certain point of view' challenge summary: girl hops train because she can't afford health insurance copayment ;)

Current length: 14 normal chapters, 42k words
Updates Saturdays (plus occasional bonus chapters)

Sisters of Rail is about people trying to find their place in a world of secrets and lies, steam and mirrors, trains and mages.

As of yet there's nothing that could be called 'combat' (though there's a bit of action), nor is it a romance oriented story.  (There also are no pirates, ninjas, monkeys, or soldiers.)  May contain very obsure refrences to who knows what.

Excerpts from (2) comments:
"I just... love this? I'm happy that the rug is getting pulled out from under Charity's feet already"
"I'm extremely fascinated about the mage's society. I can't wait to see their culture in practice"
"Beautifully executed twist!"
"Great use of foreshadowing and playing with PoV/reader perception"
"It's fascinating because it's terrifying, and its terrifying because it's realistic."


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Late to the party, as per bloody usual, but:

Around about 2011 I wondered what would happen if a sarcastic foul-mouthed supervillain with serious impulse control issues ended up being dropped into the middle of a fantasy world, and The McKenzie Files was the (eventual) result.

It was a shedload of fun to write and - contrary to my (to be fair pretty low) expectations - some people seem to like reading it. There are two books finished and I'm working on the third.

I'm not too proud to ask, so: reviews, ratings and feedback are all gratefully received.


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Murder the Mountains is a dark fantasy LitRPG in the vein of games like Dark Souls and Planescape Torment. 

Matt’s life is in limbo, so he has nothing but time to waste playing video games.

Enter cult gaming sensation, Cannibal Hymn: A punishing multiplayer RPG set in a grim world conjured from the imagery of Ancient Central and South America. The Yunka Coast is a colorful and macabre land of sand and surf, barren dunes, mysterious ruins, blood-crazed gods, eldritch liches, ferocious beasts, brutal headhunters, exotic cultures, feudal politics, weird psychedelic drugs, and treasure-littered tombs.

But there's something sinister beneath the surface... The game's development team turned up dead in a grizzly murder-suicide before release, strange glitches don't seem random, and Matt's friend, Jess, has gone missing. In order to find her, Matt must progress through the game and uncover its mysteries, persevering through constant set-backs, and slaying his way through what or whoever gets in his way.

The MC starts from the bottom and must struggle his way to cutting down the gods and seizing control of the game’s PVP economy and political structure. Meanwhile, the story of the world is told through lore and environmental storytelling, and something dark and unsettling stalks Matt’s day to day life.

My story's entering the climax of its first act, so every update this week should be more exciting than the last!

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Would you be interested in this? 
Title: F:Ran
Genre: Action-Adventure, Comedy
Synopsis: As the big bang emerged, earth was created and several years later stars fell on the earth and the dust that those stars contained created life as we know it. Along with it,Humans found another identical energy and decided to use it, as they found it very compatible with the human's physical capabilities.They named it Saku energy.
As time passed, it became a strong weapon that was used by all swordsmen.
Ran was a boy with a great dream-- one of becoming a strong swordsman.
Being born with a weak body however, made him insecure.
Yet after coming to Tsurugi Academy  the academy of his dreams, he will learn his true limits, and with the help of his friends, he will be able to over come them.
But as in all great stories, things aren't that simple.
And many mysteries await.


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fiction / disaster-romance / adventure / 
warning:  salty language, rabbit-hole realities fueled by designer synthetic opiates and boredom

Chapter Eight is under construction, coming soon ...

One week after Margaret pulls the plug on her relationship with Vincent, a decade-old video of their performance as a musical duo called Citizen Samurai goes viral, and they're hired as an opening act for an aging British boy band's reunion tour.  Their romantic collaboration is kaput, but Vincent and Margaret seize the opportunity to achieve their creative dreams by portraying themselves as a dedicated couple, singing intimate songs onstage while finding separate ways forward during a European summer tour.

excerpt - chapter five - VINCENT

That was the crazy 48-hour period that ended when I suspended my disdain for social media and its corrosive effect on civilization.  Fucking gave up and knelt down before my new phone.  Took a big fat bite of the Blue Pill.

New York we changed planes and when our ship leveled off over the ocean they brought the cart around.  I bought drinks for my new seatmates, emptied my plastic cup quick and rattled the ice like Yahtzee dice.  Recycled the same schmaltz I'd spread heavy riding center seat from EUG to DEN, DEN to LAG and inquired whether anyone among our economy-row trio possessed special talents that might prove vital to our survival, if things got weird and we found ourselves in some kind of "LOST" situation.

Stupid but it always gets a laugh.  Never comes across all nosy like asking What's your name?  What do you do?  Data like that will be rendered useless once all the wrong planets line up in just the right way to send your budget flight slipping buttfuck-sideways through spacetime to crash-land on a spooky island in another dimension.

When you wake up flat on your back in a patch of bamboo to find the plane you boarded is now broken up and scattered across some beach?  That's the moment your job title, your place on a company org chart, your socio-commercial standing all wither and drop like the useless wings of an earthbound ant who will never be queen.

Now you're on the starting blocks competing against every other survivor for excellence in a new economy of individual worth proven by contribution and performance.  Running a race to transcend self-motivated participation and achieve true cooperation.
You used to be Phoebe, the pretty one with all the friends?  Now you're the tan one who's really good at spearfishing.

You were the fat guy in Accounting hunched over a keyboard packed full of fast-food crumbs.  Now you're the genius who fashioned a novelty belt buckle into a cutting tool and built the best shelter on the island.

Or maybe you'll wash out because no matter where you go, you're the one who can't cope.  Maybe you'll wrap two slashed life jackets full of stones around your neck and stroll into the surf because your brand is hollow and you can't generate a corporeal stream of subsistence income based upon you. 

That's why it's a waste of time giving a shit about somebody's day-to-day background.  You have to keep it casual but discreetly focused when mining data to rank fellow travelers according to the arbitrarily assigned and untested metrics of my alternate universe slash desert island slash human resources scale of assessment.

I recommend you gather information linked to hard-wired and hard-won traits to discover valuable outliers versed in dark arts.  Sniff out those oddballs abundant in legitimate gifts and practical goods.  Inspect each subject's timeline for an asterisk, a temporal scab or scar marking evidence of upheaval or catastrophe.  Something warm that got too hot and bubbled over, made a real fucking mess.  A poignant or painful meridian crossed over, then scrabbled back from.  A great smoking crater marking a significant Before and After. That should give you a good head start on determining which members of your wacky castaway population are worth sucking up to, and maybe flag a few you should-oughta steer clear of.

Definitely do your homework.  You want to get in the car with the Professor, not Gilligan.  Gilligan was a jack-off artist, a confirmed and certain liability.

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this is a world built on power and dreams, every living being with a dream will strive for power and every living being walks its own path for power, the path is synthesized and created to achieve that dream.
In this world there is many paths to walk warriors, wizards, perfectionist, ancestors, shifters, rulers, angels, devils, demons and countless other paths, those seeking power will take what they want and carve out their own path.
this is a story of a youth who only dreams of freedom. as he grew up in the slums he starred death in the eyes, as he survived more endavors it drove him into wanting the most absolute freedom but in a world where every dream requires power to fulfill it, freedom requires the most.

Countless dreams

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New to Royal Road.  Late to the game.

Short blurb: Young Saya purposefully poisoned herself for a better life.  It isolated and hardened her but became useful for battling Orcs.

It's YA Modern Mythological Fantasy
It's got mysterious fruits, orcs, elves, and shapeshifting fairies.

Prologue is 3rd story, the rest is 1st person POV.  Think a darker, smarter Percy Jackson.

Sample of 1st person POV starts at "The Beckoning"

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Title: Giantslayer
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Steampunk-lite (not fully)
1. Humans have been cursed and shrunken down to the size of insects. The entire world is giant!
2. Small Humans vs Giant Beasts action (the giants are previously what we perceive as normal-sized animals!)
3. Cities and civilizations inside giant buildings. Incredible sceneries! I had a great time envisioning what the world looks like. 
4. Human relationships, interactions, and self-reflection of trauma and loss. 
5. 'Grounded' magic system inspired by Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn.
6. A cool catalog of giant monsters that roam the lands. 
7. A flawed, troubled main character that is still growing as a person. 

Inspirations: Monster Hunter series, Studio Ghibli's The Secret World of Arrietty, Mistborn (for magic), Horizon Zero Dawn (video game).

I guarantee you a fun ride at least. I'm not just writing without any goal, I already have the story plotted out until the end of 'Book 1' that we are currently at so you can expect some level of consistency I hope. This is still very early but I will be back next month with more!


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It's an ongoing fantasy romance about two supernatural beings, a demon and an angel, and their entwined fates. (involves re-birth too)

I would love to have some feedback, but please, be easy on this young soul who owns a faint heart.

Title: The Entangled Fates
Genre: Fantasy Romance


It is said that angels and devils walk on Earth in human forms. But what if it's not just a myth and they actually are present around us, keeping a low profile.

What if it's the boy you bully in school, or the girl who always keeps to herself in class are not humans and waiting to creep into your dreams.

What if it's a girl who always tops the class and her brainiac image is actually a part of her superpowers, the bullied boy is keeping chains around his ire, not letting his unstable powers to unleash and the world doesn't lack such beings.

Aden and Amara are such two lost souls which are fated to be together. But is it really that simple for them to be together? Or destiny has something else written for them.

What will happen if these two finally cross each other's path after walking for decades on Earth. Or is it really the first time they will run into each other?

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Elysium Online

Categories: Ongoing, Action, Adventure, LitRPG

Synopsis: After the economic and agricultural disasters of the twenty-second century people migrated in droves to city centers. Now almost ninety percent of the world's population lives in high rise buildings located in large cities. This move has forced the world's population to find space in the virtual world. People work, play, and live online. Robert finds escape from his difficult life working a dead end job and caring for his sick mother online. 
When a ground breaking new virtual game is announced for a limited number of people who can afford the price tag Robert knows he will miss out. 
Or will he?


I just started this as a side project from my full-time writing in Thriller and Urban Fantasy because I love the genre and need a place to explore the world I've been building in my head.

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Rather than the synopsis, I will highlight core elements of the story.

-Unforgiving world interspersed with slice-of-life style peaceful and comedic elements, mostly to give you a little reprieve and do some world building before diving into darkness again.
-A villain MC and an Antihero MC, you are not always following the good guys here. Let me say this really clearly, one MC is EVIL
-Demon Lord, High Fantasy Isekai with vast array of creatures and cultures
-Various mysteries for the reader to theorize over with characters, as they learn the core elements of the universe
-Monsters are, in fact, monstrous. Not lighthearted, but brutal and violent. Sentient species also have personalities, and shouldn't be thought of as monsters.
-OP MC who is placed in an extremely difficult situation, which constantly places great challenges for him to overcome. 

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Title: The Devil's Tears

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Grimdark, Magic, Supernatural, Superpower, War and Military;

Status: Ongoing- 132 pages, 12 chapters uploaded till now and more to come;


Quote:The 88th Magic Knight Candidate Examination is going to take place in the city of Abros, the capital of Rublor Kingdom. Thousands of young talented fighters handpicked by reputable Knight's are going to participate in this exam. But only a handful of those people will be able to pass the exam and get the chance to be selected to become a magic knight candidate.

At the same time, Sebastian Heller also arrives at the capital in hopes of becoming a magic knight candidate. He comes from a small village far away out in the boonies. Excluding Sebastian's skills in combat abilities, he had few problems of his own. Sebastian since birth had an intimidating face which made him a little harder to approach. On top of that, he also suffers from 'nervous laughter', a condition where animals naturally grin or show their teeth when nervous, stressed, angered, or uncomfortable. Because of these problems he often mistook for a goon or an evil person.

With such difficult problems and tough competition, can Sebastian pass through the exam and become a magic knight candidate?

Link: The Devil's Tears

I'm just a rookie writer with an ambitious desire to write about a fantasy world with a lot of action-packed adventure.
English isn't my first language so I would like to apologize beforehand for any future grammar mistakes that I might make.
Thanks for checking out my novel, have a nice day.

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Late to the party, but here goes:

Reverse Reincarnation

When you transmigrate to a world of qi and cultivation, you don't expect to be told that your life on Earth was just a 'soul journey' and you're originally from here. Inaris certainly didn't. Now she has to navigate cultivation, politics, and a family of transmigrators.


When an ordinary grad student awakens in a strange world brimming with Qi, she realizes she's like a transmigrator from a cultivation novel. Also, she's apparently the Imperial Princess and supposedly her soul went on a journey involving a life on Earth.

Well, it's better than nothing after death, and there’s a whole new world to explore and study. With magic and sentient spirit animals!

But it's not all fun and games, and when it sinks in that she died and this is her life now, she questions what her own identity even means. And there's a hard road ahead of her, because being the heir apparent to the Empire is a heavy burden. Especially if you feel the need to make the world a better place (and well-intentioned megalomania is completely ethical, thank you!)

But she has to face a few other issues:

Her Mother is awesome-scary and hiding things.

Her special ability is nice, but there are stronger ones possible, and her siblings might get those.

She'd really like to get laid, but the hot maids are not helping.

Sects and barbarian invasions? Why does she have to do everything?

If you like Xianxia, worlds that mix Eastern and Western fantasy, LGBT+ characters, or stories that focus more on characters than action, give it a look!
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