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July Thread - Promote your Story

For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread.  
You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available) and your word count. But most importantly your Royal Road fiction link.  

Note: This is somewhat of a first-come, first-served basis, as the earlier you reply, the more likely your description will be read first. Which is why this new thread for self-promotions is going to be monthly based(to not overflow it). At the start of the next month, we will have a new thread, and you can promote your story there again. 

For Readers: Did you want more lists to find stories from? well... here is another one, give the stories a shot!  PeoReading

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I've just launched a short story (perhaps to become a collection thereof) in time for July! This one's heavier on the comedy, and was a lot of fun to write.

Tales from the Divine Helpdesk

There is someone out there listening to your prayers, it's just an underpaid customer service representative.

Join the disenchanted cast of deities coping with crises, coffee and corporate hell in this collection of standalone short prequels from the universe of Doing God's Work.

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The story is taking off quite well, but I want more feedback!

Name: Summon Imp!
Genre: Fantasy

In the world where demons live.

The Swarm is closing in and the prey is panicking! The hunt-leader calls for the attack and my powerful leg muscles fire to launch myself at the beast! Suddenly things start to slow down. Colors start to blur into one another and all I can think is "Shit, not this again!"

I hate being summoned. 

Join a little demon as he gets summoned again and again from his own world to other worlds in order to, usually, die for others in strange and exciting places, sometimes repeatedly and in grueling ways. At least the rewards are nice.
First though, he'll have to grow a bit.

Any and all feedback is welcome! updates two to three times per week. (every 3 days)
Only 8 chapters/86 pages, so a short read (for now) if you've got some time to spend
Features: From very weak to quite weak to not quite that weak to maybe, someday, strong. No sudden evolutions, no system, growing up the hard way. Uncaring MC. It's a demon, no 'power of friendship' is going to change that. Slow build-up, I'm working on my writing skills and see no reason to rush

Desperately in need of a cover artist! The current one is a placeholder!

I started writing this as practice and for fun. Over time I plan on visiting as many tropes, urban legends, folk tales and cliches about demon summoning as i can with some overarching and interweaving plots. Always looking for new ideas, so tell me your favorites! You'll get credited as inspiration for the chapter(s)/setting. Can guarantee at least one unique world and a very interesting first person PoV experience!

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Warning tags: Gore and Profanity.

A Price in Memory is a slower-paced high fantasy set in a world besieged by beasts. 
Following an ill-conceived attempt at resurrection, a man finds himself without his memories in a body that doesn't belong to him. With magic, monsters and monster-hunters, the story is about him trying to find his way and regain what he lost while learning what it'll take to do so.

A fleshed-out world, original creatures, a large supporting cast; the story blends epic fantasy and dark heroic fantasy into something I hope you'll find entertaining.

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Top Reviews

"A Fun Read"
"Why can't we have more fictions like this?"
"Even non-fans of this genre will love it."


Prince, despite his name, was more of a dweeb high school student, who often spends his free time reading instead of socializing. One day, he discovered a secret section of the library, and in it was a mysterious book.
Then, his careless action of opening it unleashed eight curses of the different princesses living in the book. Those curse will jinx his fellow female schoolmates so each of them would suffer a tragic end.
But hope remains, in the form of a fairy called Pixie. Together, Prince and Pixie will track down each individual possessed by the curse and guide them to their story's happy conclusions instead of the tragic ones.

With that, Prince will have to deal with classic fairy tales such as Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and others in a modern setting.

So just check out this story in my signature if you're interested in romance done in a low-fantasy setting. Looking forward to see you there!

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Quote:The old lady limped towards their table with coffee and cake in hand. She gently placed their orders and utensils on the table, giving them a grandmotherly smile. The two murderers politely returned the smile before the lady hobbled away.
Now that I caught your attention with a paragraph from my story, behold...

Dean Eventhal, student council chair of his university, earned his place through wit and charisma alone, making up for his abysmal stats.

As the government fails to fulfil its promise to make things better for her weaker citizens, a disenfranchised Dean grew weary of his own inability to make a change. 

However, he would soon unlock an ability which flipped the very concept of strong and weak, setting him on a bloody path to undo the lies purported by the ruling party, and later—the rest of the world.


This is a dark, light (heh) novel-styled story with a villainous lead (NOT an anti-hero). If you liked Death Note or Reverend Insanity, you would feel right at home. 

+ An evil MC with a very "balanced" power
+ A wonderfully sadistic and equally threatening female lead
+ Scheming, acting and manipulation
+ Intense action and psychological sequences
+ Dark humour

Please do not read if you dislike:

- Gore
- Trauma
- Psychopathic characters
- Questioning your own morality

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First Contact

Name: First Contact
Genre: Sci-Fi

The Terran Confederacy is led by the Terran Descent Humans, a widely disparate and diverse species with numerous strange and wondrous allies. Their exploration past the "Long Dark" and toward the galactic core has led them to encounter the Unified Civilized Council, a hundred million year old entity. When an ancient enemy brings forth the Terran's wrath and fury, the galaxy may never be the same.

First Contact is told, largely, from the point of view of aliens interacting with humanity 8,000 years after the Great Glassing of TerraSol that shattered humanity's history. From beret wearing Mantid diplomats who carry chrome motorcycle chains and switchblades to cigarette smoking ice cream devouring insectoids, to body building lizards, the tale contains comedy, triumph, sadness, and most of all, heroics. From a bad Lanaktallan to a humble janitor to the legendary and fearsome Daxin Freeborn and the pompom waving Doki Gurlz, the characters are varied and have different viewpoints on the war that rocks the entire Orion-Cygnus Galactic Spur.

Started on Reddit and currently clocking in at 225 chapters (and still going), it is currently being posted on Royal Road.

Start with how an insectiod spy hijacks an ice-cream truck and changes the course of his species history and hold onto your hat, because the ride just stays wild.

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"The Immigrant Realm.  A crossroads between magical domains.  A place where heroes from the Greek legends, fairies from Avalon, and youkai from the Realms of Illusion, can meet, trade, and hide from people who want them dead.  Exiled witch Helena Aoede falls in the last group, having fled her home in Thebes after angering Apollo.  Now she lives in the ghetto, trying to scrape together rent money.

So when she's called on to help solve a supernatural murder case, she leaps at the chance.  But what was supposed to be a simple consultation rapidly escalates into a blood feud with the 'Living Dragon,' a magician backed by an unstoppable undead monster.  Now she's caught in a magical gang war, with only a clueless undead martial artist as backup.

Life was so much easier when she could just turn people into pigs."

The Living Dragon :

My second (and vastly more polished) novel.  I'll be releasing at least one chapter every Sunday. 

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Everyone wants to believe they are the hero of their own story. 

But in a world where prophecies are real, what happens if you're not the Chosen One?
A budding arcanist named Caden enrols in the Academy, entering the same cohort as one of the legendary Chosen Ones, and finds himself caught in a tangle of fate that threatens to unravel the entire Empire. 

Updates Mondays and Thursdays, 7AM PST. Read it here.

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Categories: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, LitRPG

WARNING!: Things can get a bit gory sometimes, and eventually, as each update is made, it will become a bit more mature like some partial nudity here and there, think of the partial nudity as ecchi!


Gaea. A harsh world where Monsters, Magic, Demons exist. Humanity as a whole live in this world of mystical terror, surviving against Demons and Monsters alike with technology more advanced and combined with the magic of this world. 

This story will be from the perspective of Alexander Ares. A young Hunter who will join the world's demon slaying police force known as the Hunters Guild. There he will exterminate Demons and reach the top of the guild to be the best Hunter.

Reasons to read the story

。It's an anime-inspired story! Specifically shounen! So expect mostly Idealism and Escapism but it's still a bit grounded about its world's rules and logic if it can be applied!

。Since it's shounen-inspired expect some fighting here and there along with certain tropes. Also since it is anime-inspired, expect the formatting similar or loosely similar to a light novel's!

。The MC is sorta OP but is rough around the edges in terms of power. He's as close as a normal teen in the modern age in terms of personality. But is still unique that he isn't too much of a normal teen

。An ever-growing cast of characters that I try my damnedest to make them unique and likable!

This is Filter! The Co-Author of this story! Co? Well yes! This story is done by two people, the other person goes by the name of Artemis. But they're usually busy! This is something that I've been thinking of writing for years. It's rough, amateurish, but I want to improve my writing as I make more stories. So take a look at my story and see if it suits your tastes!

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Dylan is your average nerd. He works downtown for an architecture firm during the day and enjoys all manner of games and media in his spare time. But while Dylan likes all forms of sci-fi and fantasy, he really likes the genre of superheroes.
So when an indie company releases a virtual reality MMO where players choose to play as heroes or villains, Dylan immediately buys into it. He has a specific type of character he really enjoys watching, something that always makes his inner child laugh in delight. The Saturday morning cartoon villain.
Yes, those inept, bungling, yet highly dangerous villains found in so many of Dylan's cartoons as a child. He loves how they always come up with strange ways to conquer the world and how they get thwarted every weekend. He remembered laughing at every silly antic, every cliched shout of "Curses! Foiled again!" He loves it so much he decides to take this idea into the MMO.
But to grab a playerbase, the company has announced a promotion that players with a high enough reputation can get contacted to become permanent raid bosses in the game. Those chosen will be paid as if employees of the company. Serious players all hoping to live the dream of playing videogames all day rush to purchase copies of World of Supers!
What will happen when Dylan, someone playing the game for fun, clashes with these overly serious players?

Just finished the first arc of the story at 21 chapters and just under 50000 words. Give it a look if it seems interesting.

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I have completed and posted the final chapters for the first draft of Fortuitous Mage in its entirety.

Matt Ramsay is a Graphic Designer with a gaming addiction.  He's played every Role Playing Game released in the past thirty years.  When Edict Corporation releases a new Virtual Reality Online game run by an advanced Artificial Intelligence paired with their full-immersion POD, he knows he has to try it out.

What Matt finds within will challenge his perspective of what constitutes reality, and the real meaning of sentience.

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Categories: Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, litRPG, Harem (sort of), a bit of possible Romance

Warning: Tagged 15+ for Sexual Innuendos, Strong Language and Violence

Katsuragi Kenta was a gamer. He did exactly what he needed to obtain the games he wanted and the time to play them; nothing more, nothing less. When his entire class is transported to a fantasy world, Kenta is suddenly an expert on their situation and the world around them. Naturally, he sets out on his own to escape his two faced classmates.
Two months later he returns and discovers that Momokawa Kyou, formerly the most popular girl in class, was left behind by their classmates. The two strike up an uneasy alliance despite despising each other. What’s more, they may have to work together to survive a curse.
Kenta will have his hands full surviving his new fantasy world. If the monsters don’t get him, Kyou just might!

Reasons to read the story:
* It's a story in the style of a Japanese Light Novel, written in English by a German; that has to mean something!
* The story mixes well-known cliches with a fresh breath of originality and satire. If you seek new and old at the same time, it may be for you!
* There is a big comedic element involved.
* The MC is neither OP, nor a clear underdog, it's a story about growth in power and personality, and this MC has a lot to grow personality-wise.
* The girls in this harem-story are strong personalities, for better or worse, and have their own wants and needs without any relation to the MC.
* Volume 7 is currently on weekly release schedule

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To Forge a New Dawn (complete):

A scribe takes over the world. His trusted commander burns it all down. Somewhere in the future, a fisherman watches the sunset.

A Fish's Tale (ongoing):

A fisherman awakens mysterious powers and searches for a wise sage. 

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The Courting of Life and Death is a gothic romance with necromancy and fairies. Just released the 22nd chapter and it has 165 pages.

Clandestina is a realm of secrets, fairies, and dark magics. Among the nobles there is talk of a goddess of death, and a forbidden magic she grants to those that follow her-- cræft that can heal injuries that should be fatal or even bring back the dead. But she asks for much in return; blood and sometimes even life itself.

Pierre Salvador has just returned to court after finishing his studies and becoming a surgeon. But as he flirts with his childhood friend Elizabeth Anne, Mora, The Lady of Death, waits for him.

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Quote:Where the borders of four nations in South America meet social and economic anarchy thrived for generations before the Cull Spores rained down a psychosis causing plague on the population.
An emergency declared, the region is renamed the Quadra as the four Nations agree to relinquish their sovereignty to an international body called the Salvage.
Tasìa del Alma-Gris raised in a poor barrio in the city of Rossara spent her early adult years in a convent. Overwhelmed by boredom fueled wonderlust she discovers a natural talent for cat burglary as the emergency grew and those with the resources to escape the infected area did so, leaving their wealth behind.
She lives the high life until the day, betrayed by accomplices, she is caught by bounty hunters and sent to Ward Nueve, a worker's collective inside a hospital for inmates. 
There, her problems begin in earnest.

Critically Acclaimed!

Quote:Through my reading, I was engrossed
An tale of interest, you may boast
A real page turner, I stayed up late
Hooked, I read several chapters straight


Quote:The characters are well fitted for their roles. Love the FL. Her character as a burglar was well written and defined. The side characters too are well written. Excellent work.
The grammar is top notch. I saw some comments about the grammartical errors affecting the story flow which made me laugh. Maybe we didn't read the same work. If it's the same one that this lemur read, I will have to disagree. Little grammartical errors can be noticeable but won't affect the story flow. Though it's good to make the work more grammartical perfect. *
The style is quite unique. Mixing prose with poetry. And injecting it into your writing style shows your depth in everyday's life. It was simply beautiful.
Great work, spider/monkey king.  

- Primate

Quote:The premise behind Tasìa Del Alma-Gris is compelling and original. It is set in a women's prison in a South American region beset by a mysterious, seemingly-supernatural plague. Much of the early story covers main character Tasìa's interactions with her fellow inmates and guards and the conflict that arises from different personalities being forced to coexist and interact inside confinement. This could make a good story on its own, but throw in a set of mysterious, unsanctioned medical experiments, a secret economy of John Wick-style assassins, and unsettling, eldritch victims of an advanced stage of the plague that has infected every human in the region, and you have yourself one awesome setting.
- CSuite

With Book One, The Gray Soul, Complete,
Tasìa del Alma-Gris' saga continues in The Premie Harvest.
Though Tasìa's escape from prison is triumphant, she has no time to pause. With signs of her infection manifesting, she has to acquire the one substance that can stay the Cull Spore infection by hook or by crook.
It's Tasìa, she is totally going to steal it!

* To be fair to earlier reviewers the grammar has been cleaned up to a great extent. I pushed the first ten or so chapters out a little too quickly.

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Cycling Through the Country 


Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Adventure 

Synopsis: Lien is stuck. He lost his job due to company mismanagement. With only freelance work and side gigs to get by, he wonders if he can even move out of his situation. That's the position Lien's in until one day, he receives a letter from his grandparents that offered an inheritance on their estate. However, It's literally the other side of the country! Lien's only option to get there is to travel by bike. With nothing to lose and nowhere else to go. He sets off with only the clothes on his back, a little friend in tow, and his trusty bicycle. What will he find along the way towards his destination?    

 Updates every two weeks

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Crowfeathers, Part I: An Ill Wind Over the Capital is a fantasy story set in a quasi-fictional East Asian setting.

Synopsis: Shin Rikoku, the Kingdom ruled by Children, has enjoyed an uneasy peace for the last three years. When this is threatened, and the order of the Kingdom is under jeopardy, the responsibility for protecting the kingdom falls on a young, disgraced magician. 

- a large cast of characters, who each have their own backstories and points of view
- regular updates (once or twice a week)
- multiple hard magic systems
- references to East Asian lore

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