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I failed a test at school due to poor spelling. My teacher said the only thing that improves spelling is actually writing, so she offered to proof-read anything that I was willing to hand to her. 
She did not manage to keep that promise. I was soon putting out way too much for that. But if I ever do get a book published, she'll be in the dedication or the thank-you's somewhere.

Re: How You as an Author Came to this Writing (Royal) Road

I wrote primarily, at first, to get better at English. Then it grew to a sort of obsession during my school days. I made a novel in 6th-grade, but so far, that writing is the only completed work of fiction I've made. I'm quick to catch fancy of ideas and quicker still to let the reins go as passion grows cold. I still have them in my head; my ghosts of unfinished worlds bearing down on me.

As for how I came upon RoyalRoad, I honestly can't remember. I arrived after the site transitioned from being a translation site to an amateur writing one. I posted two stories, one of which is being revived with great effort. I lurked for a couple of years before returning recently to do the aforementioned resurrection.

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For 22 years I've had a story in my head. The traditional novel format was not a good fit for me. I discovered the light novel format and was sold. So I did some research on where I should publish my Light Novel, that is how I came to Royal Road.

Having the story in my head for so long was no longer good enough, I wanted to share it with the world. Before I started with the Light Novel format I really wanted to have it turned into a manga. However I can't draw at all, nor could I find someone who was willing to draw it for me. 

At first when I posted on Royal Road I was just casually writing my story, not really expecting any sort of response. I never proof read anything, I would just write it, then throw it up. However I came to really enjoy writing. As I did my writing style improved. I started placing myself into my characters shoes as I wrote, trying to improve the story as much as possible. I am a programmer by trade, but writing has become the thing I love above all else.

I put the utmost care and seriousness into writing FOTS. So much so I went back to correct the errors I made previously, some chapters I partially rewrote. I would like to believe I am improving with each chapter. When writing my characters I get so deep into them I feel what they feel, I start to outwardly act as they would. Which I believe has really helped out with my character writing.

I've never been inspired by another writer because frankly, I don't read unless its educational. I had no crazy dream where I discovered this was my destiny. However if it were not for Royal Road, I would have never discovered this hidden passion of mine. Having a story in my subconscious for 22 years, I never realized that my brain was telling me I should become a writer. I suppose my own subconscious was my own inspiration, it's been telling me what I should be doing, I ignored it for so long. I've learned I should listen to it. 

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Writing was always the only thing I was good at.  Sometime over the last decade I realized that I was never as happy, never as balanced day-to-day as I am when I'm working on a writing project.  It gives me focus and some kind of meaning that I thought I would gain if only I had the right job, made enough money, etc.

I started out putting my stuff on Wattpad about 3 years ago.  Then I went to Inkitt but Royal Road feels like the most "genuine" experience for me - it's not overloaded with social media like Wattpad was (they recently closed their forums);  the readers / reviewers here seem much more serious and helpful, much more honest in terms of the critiques, unlike Inkitt, where there's a culture of "give me five stars for my sh--ty story and I'll do the same for you" - people trading clicks and likes and gold stars for stuff that hasn't seen a spell-check.

I also dig the fact that there doesn't seem to be a lot of censorship here - one of my works is a comic, it is *not* that bloody (topic is vampires) but with every month I had it up on Wattpad, it seemed like another page was pulled due to censorship.

I am looking forward to finishing my story (finishing my Chapter 8 before September starts, then I have four more for my Act Three and I'm *done*) and then I hope to earn some good criticism by offering my support as a reader, while I take some time from my finished draft and then start the process of polishing it and mercilessly editing from Chapter One through Chapter 12.

I'm glad I found this site and I'm excited to see who I meet as I find my way around and locate / earn my place in this community.

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I started reading when I was four.  

I wasn't permitted to watch television as a child and we didn't have a video game system of any sort in the house.

I grew up with my twin sister on our farm, and as children do, we created stories and adventures for ourselves.

My sole source of entertainment beyond my imagination came from books.  While my conservative parents were quite strict about television, they were sorely lacking in their control over what we read.  The first "Fantasy" I read were the first and second chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever, by Stephen R. Donaldson.  I read those at the tender age of seven.  I discovered Stephen King along the way, and I didn't sleep well for a month after reading Pet Cemetary.  I finished The Stand on my ninth birthday.  

I started writing my own campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition in Jr. High.  I can assure you, they were truly terrible.

I started writing character backgrounds in High School, again for D&D, and these eventually blossomed into short stories for the characters I played.

In 2001, I started playing with a new group of people, who were running a homebrew setting and system.  The DM and I clicked well together, and I started helping him revise and balance the gaming system.  He gave me carte blanche with my backgrounds and started using them to flesh out his world.  

Fast forward to today, here we are.  I've spent over twenty years having people tell me that my short stories are well written and entertaining.  I've suspected certain players of engineering party wipes just so I could write up another story.  As our gaming system ramped up for publication, my best friend and DM asked me several months ago why I wasn't publishing my work.  I didn't have a good answer.  I enjoy writing.  

So here I am.  

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I've been a voracious reader my entire life, specifically in the fantasy and scifi genres. Writing a book was always something I was interested in doing. 
My first year of high school I wrote a ~300 page book that was trash about an academy of demon hunters (LOL).
I wrote lots of stories throughout high school but never took any of their ideas very far before moving into another idea. 
In college, I got really into web serials/novels. I read a bunch of stuff like Coiling Dragon, Mother of Learning, HPMOR, and... *drumroll* Forgotten Conqueror, which brought me to RRL.
At that point I decided I wanted to try writing a story that I wanted to read but hadn't been written. The result was Apex Predator, a zany planet-hopping, kingdom-building, scifi romp.

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Like many of the other posters, I was reading a lot as a means of escapism, one might say. One top of naturally being an avid reader before. After beginning a shift to Wuxia and Xianxia type webnovels - Child of Light, I believe, specifically - and finding the repetitious, uninspiring nature of it, I had a resounding, "... I could do it better," thought in my mind. Despite never writing anything that wasn't mandated to me at school. This is after I already caught up to Mother of Learning; also a time that I had been following Mike777's game-type novels. Which brought me to ScottF14, if I recall his name correctly, through a recommendation - and, thus, here. 

One of the stories that actually brought me to actually posting was a story that I know don't remember the name of. It was a story about a schoolboy who, as I recall it, happened to be leaving his classroom to go to the washroom before the portals opened up into his school. One of the opening scenes was him fighting off a goblin (who were actually considered strong - even if it was naked and crawled out of a toilet), being injured, before getting some dissection skill. Black hair, sour attitude, loner-kid, and tae-kwon-do practise, I believe? And a minotaur murdered his class or something. It was dark, grim, and it actually was so thoroughly within the frame-of-mind I was in at the time that I just immediately began writing. I think within the first writing session, I put five thousand words on Notepad. That story I reference could almost be considered an urban fantasy, game-ifed world, with magic, technology, and dark enough to be conceived of as a survival story. It was 2016, I think, so precisely what happened to it now, I don't recall. 

I set it upon myself to write, 'competing' with the likes of Blackthorne and Forgotten Conquer and one of Andur's novels that each claimed the top-ranking for the longest time.

And while I failed to keep going with that first(-ish; second, technically) work, writing myself into a corner, I did not stop writing since. 

In retrospect, if I wasn't so inexperienced at that time, it would have been so easy to amend the direction, but that story, Ephemeral Cycle, is one of the many shelved works that just took its place as a milestone for education rather than a project. 

Granted, my coming to this site is usually more of convenience since I could never find the time to dedicate to continued involvement in the community with IRL matters. Some things just can't be helped, but I love that the community still seems quite nice despite growing to reach larger and larger audiences. 

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I listened to a very nice audiobook about a mimic that becomes a character. It was very unique (plus my first brush with litRPG) so I googled it and found to this amazing site. I read a couple more stories and realized that it's something I want to be a part of. Now, my job is playing board games and role playing games in schools, so I don't lack for anecdotes and funny gaming stories. Half the stuff that happens in my story is "autobiographical" :D 

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When I was about nine years old, I read The Elfstones of Shannara and dreamed of becoming an author.  I would write stories, or at least the beginnings of stories, often.  I stopped writing once I hit junior highschool.  Rather than focusing on English and creative writing, I studied math and the sciences, forgetting my childish dream.

Then Covid hits, and I now work in the Icu of a hospital.  Things got crazy.  Outside of work I was stuck at home.  At work, things got quiet.  The lockdown worked better than expected.  I had free time but I didn't feel comfortable returning to my hobbies, and my vacation plan was cancelled.  Instead, I picked an old hobby to pass the time.  There were plenty of stories floating through my head and I picked one and started writing.
Unfortunately, my confidence was low.  I hadn't written seriously since highschool,  and hadn't tried crafting a story since childhood.  So, I needed feedback.  My search through reddit's various writing subforums yielded this site as a prominent suggestion.  So I posted my story. 

This place has been great.  I've gotten some useful feedback (although not as much as I would have liked), but most importantly, it's helped keep my motivation to continue writing alive.  I've started to receive plenty of encouraging comments, that drive me to keep writing.  That knowledge that people are waiting to read what I write really pushes me forward, and to stop bingeing YouTube to procrastinate. 

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I came here to post a story that I've had in my mind for a while. My friends suggested that I use this site as it came recommended as a place to share my story. Now that I no longer live in my own country, my friends are still able to read my work when they want (though they never follow me). I just wanted to give them and myself a story that had the feel of the D&D games we would play at home or of the times we'd sit around watching anime or Critical Role. I write for myself and them mostly but I'm glad when other people like my work too.

I have grown a bit as an author thanks to the help of people in my comments who can spot my awful spelling or grammar mistakes. Help me to make things more clear. As the author, I have the perfect picture of how everything looks in my head but sometimes forget that the readers don't. I appreciate all the feedback I receive and I think this is one of the most inclusive communities there is. Thank you so much everyone for the great work you do. I wish I had time to read everyone's work but I usually am reading a few that I enjoy and then I'll read someone's if they are reading mine. Then we can both help each other out and give honest criticism. Also by reading the work of others I get fresh ideas and learn more ways I can write.