Re: Review Swap - Lets get this going!

I am a new writer, so I am willing to put the extra effort to help my story grows. And by extensions, yours!

I guarantee I will read the first 50 pages of your story and give the best review I can. I promise I will put in the effort to properly structure my review and analyze your novel with an objective eye. If I personally like what you have been writing, I will also be sure to add my opinions. My reviews  won't gravitate much towards grammar, since I do not feel confident enough to make a proper judgement there.

I expect you to put in at least similar effort on your review. You don't have to structure your review in any particular way, but at least put in enough sentences to help people who read them understand what they are getting into. If my review is not what you expect, you can message me and I will delete it. I ask that you offer me the same. Since my novel is quite new, having a heavy negative review might impact me a lot.

I am willing to do one a day, at least five days a week. If you are interested in swapping review, leave your message!
Trials of Sanity (Abyss Evolution Series)

Done Reviews:
06/27 - The Dweeb Prince and the Eight Cursed Princesses
06/28 - World Reset
06/29 - None
06/30 - The Courting of Life and Death
07/01 - Mutagenesis Phase One Dystopia (Review PM'ed)
07/02 - Hattie: An Old Maid's Adventures

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07/?? - Odyssey of Life
07/?? - Rest Day
07/?? - How to Kill an Isekai Protagonist
07/?? - Ragna
07/?? - A Metaverse Dungeon - Foodie's Enigma
07/?? - Rest Day
07/?? - Empty

Re: Review Swap - Lets get this going!


Adryan Wrote: ok let's do this :)

SomethingNew Wrote: Happy to participate. My story is in the link.
(Edit: Reviewed.)

Added both of you to the list! Lets get this going peeps!

Sorry, I had to delay everyone by a day. Somethings happened today and I couldn't finish reading The Court of Life and Death. I will do it tomorrow, maybe I will try to do two and recover lost time.