Re: hail and well met on the Royal Road

Greetings and salutations, my name is Xian.  I'm, clearly, new to Royal Road and I'm making my way through the site and found that I should introduce myself ^__^

I'm what you might call a Multipotentialite, or a multi-classer in gaming terms.  I've been writing stuff for a good part of my life, though mostly scripts for movie ideas, shows, comics, etc. though none of it professionally.  I've finally written my first book and I'm pretty excited to get it out in the world. (It's still "pending" here at the moment)

My day work is a Front End Developer for a pretty big tech company.  It's not quite what I want to spend all my time doing but it pays the bills.

Other than writing, I also like drawing from time to time as well as 3D modeling toys and action figures for 3D printers; as well as designing tabletop board games.  I have an insatiable love for giant robots and transformers and this love permeates all of my projects.

Samples of my illustration:

Samples of my Toy Design Work:

Nice to meet you all, and I hope to find a home here ^__^

Re: hail and well met on the Royal Road


parkertallan Wrote: Welcome to Royal Road. Some great art and action figures you have there. Noticed you've already been posting on the Forums. More great art and some good advice. I see you've put some of your personal experience into your novel. Love the idea of physics based magic. I think you've definitely found a home here. Good luck.

Thanks a lot mate! I do hope so, so far everyone has been a peach ^__^