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I've been writing novel-length stories for a while, but I haven't had the nerve to publish any of them. I finally got around to start publishing one of my current stories here on RR. Honestly, the idea of putting out chapters without having the entire manuscript finished is kind of nerve-wracking as I'm the type to go back after draft one and decide to make huge changes...but here we go.

I used to be a mega epic fantasy and scifi reader when I was younger. These days, I enjoy niche fantasy stuff like what's on RR and gear towards easier or faster reads in general. I haven't read hard scifi in a while, although I like soft scifi/cyberpunk stuff found in litrpg.

I like unique, one-of-a-kind stories and systems. I want to write stories that are really "out there" but have to reign in that tendency I have to remind myself just because I think it's an interesting idea doesn't mean other people will think so, haha. I really like litrpg because it's breaking a lot of novel-writing conventions and making up new ones. It's starting to mature as a genre, but it was kind of avante garde-ish when it first came around, not in a highbrow way but more of an indie, underground brew kind of way.

Anyways, hello RR! Hope to be around for a while.

Re: Not a lurker anymore!

peoapproval  Hello Purlcary! I was a lurker for a while too, until I started publishing in April :)  As for what people find interesting, that differs so much that I'd say go for it and see who enjoys (I'm also a firm believer in writing what you love). The best advice I can give is to be consistent with updates and to add your fiction to your forum signature. Best of writing!

Re: Not a lurker anymore!

I hate writing without an outline, but I also hate writing outlines and usually end up veering away from them. Argh. That's why I'd rather rewrite a story a lot of times, but then I get sick of it and decide it's never going to be worth yeah. Just publishing a story now that is half-outlined, half-making up as I go.

Thanks for the tips. I'll have to figure out the forum signature thingy.