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I really hesitated about asking this question since either of two things is likely going to happen:
1. I'm gonna reveal myself as an impatient dumbass
2. Harsh words are going to be said, ones that I didn't want to seriously acknowledge/face

I still chose to bite the bullet and ask since it's important for me.

I've been writing weekly for 4 months now. I'm pretty happy with the views I'm getting. But the amount of followers for my story hasn't changed since the first few weeks. Still stuck at 3. I'm getting the feeling that I'm doing something wrong and I hoped that some one can point out what it is. My story is in my signature.

Re: Not gaining any followers

I recently posted some basic advice regarding just that in another thread, so I'll share it here with you as well:
Krahie Wrote: -I can't speak for other sites that you may have uploaded your works to, but ideally, you want to upload a maximum of one chapter per day here on Royal Road, and space out your uploads consistently. This is because every time you upload a chapter, your story is placed at the top of the "Latest Updates" list, and spacing it out is an ideal way to keep your story there as much as possible. Always remember that it's a marathon, not a sprint.

-Royal Road greatly favours certain genres, namely, fantasy/isekai/gamelit. These genres get far more attention than any other on this site; if you write outside of those genres, it will be tougher to obtain as big a following as some of the other stories out there.

-Forum participation can be a huge help. A few things you can do to "passively" promote your work are to include a snazzy link to your literature in your forum signature, find threads that discuss genres or themes that your story shares and contribute to those discussions, or perhaps even participating in review swaps (where you read someone else's story, leave an honest and thoughtful review, and they'll do the same for you).

For example, I was super active on the forums for the first two months when I started posting my stories, and I shared my first book as much as possible (Soulless (Apparently), the one that happens to be in my signature as of this post), even doing review swaps whenever I had the energy to do so. As a result, that story got an average of 2,600 chapter views each month, but compare that to my other stories which I haven't promoted at all – those only get an average of 500 per month.
Also, one of your story's reviews has what looks to me like some well-thought out critique of some of your story's weak points. Although I haven't read your story (thus I'm not sure if those issues have already been addressed, or how valid they might be), it would definitely be worthwhile to try to fix some of those and maybe even ask that reviewer for an updated review afterwards.

Re: Not gaining any followers

In my experience four months is long enough to get a decent following, thought some stories just don't go as far as other, y'know.

It could be your synopsis, cover or even title.
Maybe your 1st chapter doesn't hook onto people's interests.

Your once-a-week chapter schedual leaves you unlikely to gain followers, think of releasing chapters as throwing bait into a fishing pond, the more you do it, the more likely you are to attract readers.

I daily chapters, sometimes more. I know you're probably busy with other things, but if you really want a bigger following you might want to push yourself to write more.

Alternatively... my advice isn't all that great, but sometimes you have to know when it's time to drop a fiction and start again with something you learned from you current writing.
I had to make around five different fictions on RR before any of my stories got over 100 followers, 

Good luck :D