Re: Author trouble



Posting on the website, The malicious software virus calling itself a book character, pulled others into its fantasy.  The more people typed, the more they were drawn in.

After receiving quite a bit of advice on how to kill an author from the readers, The 'Character' would finally find its freedom.

'Phwww'  The power cord sparks at the original authors terminal, alerting him to the problem.

Bending down he bangs his head and falls backward from his chair onto his coffee table and knocking him unconscious.  It wasn't the first time that this had happened, Murphy had been assaulted by random acts of violence out of nowhere for a while now.  Ever since he logged onto that website he was constantly bothered by one thing or another.

Someone, had Hacked his PC.

The troubles didn't end there though. His friends started seeing "him" online in various websites and even posting pictures of "himself" on social media. His computer was shot, his identity was stolen and some invisible force kept beating the absolute s*** out of him.

The character had almost completely taken over his life. There was only one thing left...