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Persona 4 Golden for the steam. I haven't eaten or slept in the last few days, but amazingly I was able to take a shower everyday. I'm seeing weird hallucinations but no matter how loud I shout or try to crush cards with my hand, I can't fight them. I'm considering using a gun instead or maybe a face mask.

I think I'm dying irl, but everyday ingame has been awesome. 

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Crazyguy98 Wrote: Now I play mini games online at
When I have a short break at work, these little games help me relax and reduce the long working time.
Candy Crash is my favorite game.

To be honest, I haven't heard of this game yet! Is it really worth it? I mostly play online games such as gambling which you can read about here. But I can't say that I prefer any particular game. My tastes always change - today I want one and tomorrow another. But I will definitely look at your game.

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Wing Wrote: Spam, or not spam? That is the question.
I swear bots are getting smarter.

I was thinking along similar lines, but hey, it's a fun enough thing to talk about. Just don't follow the link. I mean, would you really tell everyone "I'm playing candy crush and you should all play it too! It's such a great game!". I'd have a hard time admitting I was playing that in the first place.

Taking a break from Fallout 4 to play an early access game - Hardspace: Shipbreaker. It's like stripping a car or a house for parts and usable materials, but with spaceships. Lacking a bit in variation for now (early access), some weird bugs (early access ffs!), fairly grindy (Early A... ok no, that's just part of the game), but I'm having a good time. I managed not to explode the nuclear reactor today. Hurray!

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Toot toot! I'm playing Frog Fractions. On the surface it's a fun edutainment game for children, but when you scratch the surface there's a lot more going on underneath it all than you ever realised. A bit like me; I look like a friendly boat, but there's an unbelievable amount of cavitation taking place under the surface.

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Finished Ori 2, then Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Origin. Gonna continue with Odyssey, but right now on a little break from it with Heroes 7 campaigns and Darkest Dungeon from time to time. Then will continue with Detroit and NeiR, but waiting on a friend to see if we can play Divinity 2 mods on different languages. Control and Life is Strange are on the plan-to-play list till the new AC...

MarkVal Wrote: I'm playing board games online with my friends. Can't wait to see them in real.

try Secret Hitler if there are more people, it's awesome

not sure if there is Avalon online

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There is a new multiplayer battle royal game, called Spellbreak. Now the thing is, I don't really like online multi games and straight up hate battle royals. That being said, I'm kinda hooked on Spellbreak, probably because of the fantasy/Last Airbender-ish setting. 
Last "normal", single player game I played was a little indie strategy called Bomber Crew and the last AAA was AC Unity.