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I'm writing a story called Infamous right now, and it has a variety of superheroes and monsters in it. If you have any supers you'd like to see in it, please insert your hero's name, power, costume and personality. I can always use a good character, although I can't guarantee he/she will be a major character. The MC of the story is an eight foot tall monster, sort of beetle looking. How does your character react to him?
Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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Ow, this sounds like fun. Here's a character I just thought off cuz I thought it would be funny.

Hero name: Hell-O

Power: Whenever Hell-O says the word "Hello" her hands burst into flames and act like flamethrowers. The flame spewing lasts as long as she says the word "Hello". When she says "Hi" her hands are coated in flames. Usually used to throw some fire punches and melt stuff. The flames die down once she says "bye".

Costume: She has her long blonde hair tied into a ponytail. Uses a red short sleevless jacket with a white short top underneath that says 'Hello'. She wears white shorts and red converse shoes.

Personality: She's pretty laid back and cheerful. Doesn't like chores. Loves pizza and salty stuff, doesn't like sweets actually. Pretty straightforward person. She's the kind of 'forgive and forget' kind of person, in a very literal way. She's a feminist. Loves to sing, thus great lungs. Likes to use the word 'Salutations' when not in combat.

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Angry Wrote: MC is a monster - forgot to mention that above. First off, great idea, totally going to use that. Second, how does she react to said monster MC?

She's simple minded. She's gonna be friendly if the guy is friendly, she gonna attack of the monster attacks. I mean, she's the "I won't judge you" kind of person so, once she knows he's an ally, she will consider him an ally and that's it. If he's a back stabber, she'll burn him to a crisp. Simple as that. She's not gonna stress about it or anything. Maybe she'll feel a tiny bit sorry for the mc for being, u know, a monster. Not that she judges its just, u know, lends itself for trouble. On a first instance she might attack him if he's not properly introduced of course, cuz u know, he's a monster. And monsters are bad guys. She hits bad guys.

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Angry Wrote: Okay, so I've got a pre-existing hero named Firepower - he's a pretty high ranker. Would it be all right if she were his sidekick?
Thanks, by theway. This got me out of some serious writer's block.

Of course, it would be great. Here's another idea, what if the are ex-boyfriends but they make it work because they separate work from their romantic relationship, well, most of the time (?) That's bound to bring up some drama

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If you are really willing to accept an absurd crossover event, my superhero is Morgan Harding:

They are a twentysomething slacker who has been enhanced with cybernetic abilities whose limits are somewhat unsure. They have a minor healing factor, plus increased strength, enhanced hearing, powerful jumping abilities, and electricity resistance. They have been shown to be able to control electricity to some degree, but they haven't explored that much yet.

Morgan is a scrappy fighter who looks pretty standard at a glance but is a lot more than they look.

I'm OK if you don't wanna put Morgan in though lol