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I want to do research for my next book!

I'm looking for stories on Royal Road (or anywhere else) about characters who intentionally immigrate to a new place with different cultures and customs. It can be either a harrowing/tragic experience (e.g. The Jungle) Or a happier type of deal. If the story deals with language barriers, it is 100% a good appeal to me. 

I will prefer real-world immigration, but fantasy worlds are OK in some cases. Iekai/transmigration type stuff is not what I'm looking for unless it is more directly about the cultural differences. And for this specific research I prefer something with less action and more character development (but feel free to recommend stuff that is more action-packed, for other readers who might be looking for stories about immigrants).

Re: Stories About Immigrants

This is such a great thread!!!! I don't really have any good recommendations and what i do have are mostly actual books you'll have to find in a library or buy.

Immigrant Tales
(a webtoons comic, i haven't read it but it looks really sweet)
"A lighthearted comic about growing up in an immigrant family. Based loosely on actual experiences. A new comic by In Her Corner."

Over Under Sideways Down
(It's ok, but sounds like it was written by the red cross to make themselves look better, free comic)
"Ebrahim is a teenage refugee, he did not choose to leave Iran, he did not choose to bid farewell to his mother for the last time and he certainly did not choose to take the long journey to be granted asylum in the UK"

(super good story on RR, but more action focused. Still the mc is a first generation homeless immigrant and it handles her story really really well.)
"So here’s the deal.
My name’s Kihri Vyas, and I’m dead.
(That’s not really important, it happened ages ago, but it’s good to have the context.)
Anyway, me and my sister Zarah (the only person who can see or hear me) have basically been on our own since I carked it, surviving on the streets of Kaila, and sort of just being miserable and bored and tired a lot. I mean, I haven’t, cause I’m dead, but she has. It sucks, but that’s business as usual for us.
What isn’t B-A-U is that a bunch of other homeless folks have been disappearing in the last few months, and some of them have been turning up with anatomically-improbable, but extraordinary fatal, injuries. Cops don’t give a shit, of course, and my sister’s a boneheaded bleeding heart, so we’ve been investigating them ourselves.
And, well, we’ve found a bunch of weird shit. Stuff made of solid light, ghost attack dogs, people glowing black, somehow, some kind of living robot…
Actually, you know what? It’s probably easier if you see for yourself."

Onward to Providence
(not an immigration story in any meaningful sense (very much a sci fi meet the aliens who are actually aliens from a white authors perspective)? idk it's sci fi and really good and i just don't have any good rec's sorry)

Everything past this either needs to be checked out from a library or bought. Still hopefully they might be helpful.

The Best We Could Do
(comic you can read the first like 30 pages on google books free)
"A book to break your heart and heal it"

(comic, name your price to download)
An unconventional drama about violence, language and illegal immigration.
“Brian K. Vaughan is a pretty great comic book writer. Marcos Martin is a jaw-droppingly amazing comic book artist. Barrier is a comic that deserves a whole lot of fanfare.”
“Vaughan, Martin, and Vicente (aka Panel Syndicate) team up again for another limited issue run that is as groundbreaking in its story as it is in its distribution.”
“A fascinating mix of topical immigration issues, drug cartels and something wholly unexpected. 10 out of 10.”
“Two of Comics' Best Creators Take on Illegal Immigration.”
“This is very much a wide-screen comic and paired with Muntsa Vicente’s color work, every page commands your eyes. 10. Perfect!”

Satoko and Nada

(an unbelievably sweet manga)
"Satoko, a Japanese student studying in America, has a new roommate: a Saudi Arabian woman named Nada! They might have different customs, but through mutual respect―and the hilarious adventures of their daily life―Satoko and Nada prove that friendship knows no borders."
a pretty solid list of books by grade level good for teaching kids about immigration. You should be able to find a couple of these in your local library (if it isn't tiny)
I want to especially recommend Persepolis  i read it in college and it was fantastic! there's also a film i think?

I hope more people recommend some!!!!

Re: Stories About Immigrants

I did quite a bit of traveling in the 90s and early 00s.,Europe and South America, -airfare was cheap back then - but I never stayed in one location long enough to be considered an ex-pat. As for stories about immigrants. Tough one. The Godfather comes to mind. Actually, Puzo's other books like The Sicilian are much better. The publisher stole his drafts for The Godfather before he was ready to publish them. They contained musings that he never meant to see print.

Mario Puzo was very good at contrasting the attitudes and culture of his Sicilian protagonist with those of the Anglo-Saxon North Eastern United States where they came to live. This tension is infused in almost every scene of his books.

Also, Somerset Maugham. His shorts, and his novel The Moon and Six Pence, a fictionalized account of Paul Gaugin's life. His fiction deals with colonial era European migration. Never so starkly as Kipling and Conrad, but often times more realistically.

Also, some travel logs might help you. Paul Theroux's Dark Star Safari is his account of journeying down the Nile. I learned something on nearly every page.
Speaking of PT. Mosquito Coast has to mentioned.

Last but not least.

At least, its a good way to show a host country (Iceland) that you enjoyed being there for an extended months long stay by memorializing it in song.