Re: Cheers! I am a sci-fi nut and love non-human perspectives

Hi. I am new here but not new to writing in general. I did throw out a number of short stories on reddits r/HFY that gained some mild popularity but reddit has its limitations for posting literature so now I'm here - this place did come recommended.

I mainly write sci-fi short stories and prefer an alien perspective on humanity, which is fun because I can put a spotlight to the weirdness that are these primates that come from a planet they named after the very ground the stand on.

I have one ongoing story I'll be posting here and will probably put up a couple short stories in-between those chapters. I have no plan yet, haha.

Well, on to writing more and probably getting sucked in by all of these massive stories that are floating around all over this place.

Re: Cheers! I am a sci-fi nut and love non-human perspectives

Welcome to the site!

I'm kind of a newbie here as well, despite joining over a year ago, but in spite of that I can certainly recommend this site. Lots of good stories and resources are floating around here, science fiction included, so I'm sure you'll love this place!

Also, I very much share your love for non-human POVs! They're fun to read and write about, due to how different they can be from their human counterparts, and because of how good of a foil they make to us as you wrote.

Good luck with your work!