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Ok this is kinda vague.
By this, I mean a story (on RR or not) that focus a lot on the emotional side of the characters, their growth, their belief and their pain.
I want something that will make me cry, (maybe laugh) and really make me feel connected to the MC.

Most of the time, I found story with minor resolution every fifty chapters with grind (or nothing) between.
I know this is really subjective, so here is some examples of things that did this well (If you didn't read it, I really recommend you to try).

- (Void Domain)
- (I was really surprised by this one and how well it turned out)
- (Brennus)

Thanks for your help ^^

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This was kind of a hard one for me, I don't tend to categorize stories by if the were emotionally moving or not, but i'll do my best to recommend some that you might enjoy!

Anything by wildbow handles emotions and character development really well.

Cocroach Girl's Reason For Living
(really sweet story of a girl from an abusive household finding a loving family, if you like more complex stories as well check out the authors other works!)
"How poorly do you have to fail at life to be reincarnated as an insect?
Dillon knew he hadn't accomplished much but when his existence is snuffed out, he finds himself reincarnated in a world brutally ruled by insect-like creatures. Now Grete Mudwell, the youngest of a poor family of cockroaches, she must be strong in ways she never imagined she could be if she hopes to survive."

I Didn't Ask To Be The Demon Queen!
(You will end up loving every single character and wishing them the best!)
"When I woke up this morning, there's a lot I didn't see coming, the truck least of all.
I reincarnated as the final boss of a game I had been playing. I'm now purple, nine feet tall, and female? Not that I mind any of this, but... Why does everybody fear me? I just want to be friends!"

Save Me
(cw abuse, nearly made me cry a couple times, highly recommend)
"When your fairytale turns into a nightmare and all hope seem to be gone, how will you react if a silver lining suddenly shows itself for you, will you struggle to leave your nightmare or will you just give up and accept your fate..."

But Moth, What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks
(I absolutely cried, twice. And it's only like 5 chapters. Big feels. If you read anything from this list, please read this one)
"The things that go bump in the night aren't always that scary, as one person is about to find out. A girl who stares at the moon meets a stranger in the middle of the night, and her world changes forever."

(a one shot, and i still cried)
"Sometimes, being reincarnated isn't all it's hyped up to be."

Penumbral: Chrysalis
(so good, be sure to read the second book as well. Absolutely cried a few times)
"Being trans is hard but at least you can still share your body with a well-meaning alien who just wants to make you happy. It doesn't guarantee things will go well, but it might be worth a shot, and you might just meet a cute girl on the way.
Hope nobody takes over the world while you're at it."

(A descent into madness)
"Reality shifts and Alexa finds herself trapped in a world far darker and deadlier than the one she knew. Her new body is stronger and faster, and she connects to the magic around her, but it may not be enough to protect the scattered remnants of humanity she comes across."

(my second most recommended read, you will love the main characters so much and just, wow)
"To be a synth is the greatest privilege an individual could be born into. What greater purpose or grander sense of fulfillment could one hope for than to be a tool of King Decon, the ruler of the Galaxy?

09T07 doesn’t know what more they want, but they know they’re missing something. Friendship? Intimacy? This seems to be the answer when they find others who are also not as King Decon intended them to be. However, how long can such things last among tools to be used and discarded? And how  far are they willing to go to protect their loved ones in the face of duty?"

Words on a Screen
(a compelling romance)
"Sanada Masumi struggles at school. He studies hard, and he's not bullied, but he has no friends. One day, he comes up with the idea to start streaming games online to build up his confidence. But not as himself. Little do his parents and peers know, he spends his nights crossdressing as the adorable idol Low-Life!
It's been over a year since that decision, and he still has no viewers.
Until one day, someone visits. Masumi soon finds himself catching feelings for his viewer, and the lines between Low-Life and Masumi start to blur..."

Medusa and the blind woman
(if you like romance stories at all, this is well worth your time!)
"The legendary Gorgon, Medusa, spends a solitary life on her island Sarpedon. The only interruptions to her monotonous life are the occasional expeditions of foolish humans that try to slay her for fame and riches.
This story begins on the day that just another of these expeditions brings along an unusual woman. A priestess of Athena that was born blind and is not afraid of the Gorgon. Soon those two are forced into an unexpected coexistence on the small island.
Will those two unlikely life partners learn to get along?"

Sing Crier
(complex emotions and psychology, very interesting to read)
"Virtual reality MMORPGs have become a cultural phenomenon; a cynical 14-year-old girl plays the most popular of them with two controllers, controlling two characters at once. She promptly commits a crime against humanity, dies, learns the meaning of life, and then is reincarnated as both of her characters, Sing and Crier. The following is an edgy adventure of survival, relationships, and growth into adulthood in a world where everything is trying to kill her."

Tales From The Trailer Park
(just one short story for now, but boy howdy it's a doozy. If you like scary stories this is one you should'nt pass up!)
"A collection of Appalachian Folk Tales.
I grew up in Appalachia, and my writing has been highly influenced by the stories I heard as a child.  These aren't exactly fairy-tales, not all of them, but they are the sort of stories that children in Appalachia are told, or that show up in children's books.  Because of the nature of these stories they'll be much more accessible to a younger audience than my other works.  I would say that most are PG, with a few knocking on PG-13's door.
Come and experience a cavalcade of witches, haints, boogers, and whatever else lurks out in them woods out back of the trailer."

(Number 1 recommendation! Absolutely stunning story telling, complex characters and a lot of character growth)
"Nightmares and hallucinations have plagued Heather Morell all her life.
Diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child after the loss of her twin – a sister who never really existed – now struggling with her mental health at university, Heather teeters on the verge of giving up on life. A chance meeting ends in a revelation: she is not crazy, her visions are all too real, and probably want to eat her soul.
Embroiled with a crippled, bad-tempered magician and her self-proclaimed ‘bodyguard’, Heather rapidly descends into a world of terrifying magic and otherworldly monsters, in an effort to stay sane, bring back the dead, and maybe, just maybe, make out with cool older girls."

Hy'Ruh Ha
(Literally and explicitly about recovering from trauma and coming of age)
"Soletus, a young elf, was looking forward to completing his monk training to become a Warden of the Dias Brotherhood. However, he is held back by his well-meaning, but strict father. Instead of joining the ranks, he is paired up with a traumatized shy boy name Mien. Between Mien’s anxious odd behavior and the crime he committed, helping him isn’t a duty that Soletus enjoys and isn’t one he’s been trained for. Soletus is about to give up on him until Mien saves his life. And Soletus decides that the boy deserves another chance despite what he’s has done."

(Mc is working hard to move through and cope with her extreme social anxiety and doing a really good job)
"Yesterday, Astrid's biggest concern was how to pay her rent. Now, an encounter with a beautiful and seemingly immortal young woman has shattered her once-normal life. Astrid is drawn into a dangerous tournament, in which competitors pilot giant robots in wrestling matches. Will Astrid be able to help her team to victory, or will her social anxiety get the better of her?

Astralfice is a web serial about love, anxiety, found family, and gay kids piloting giant robots."

(If you want a story where people take a personally decent young girl and throw so many traumatic events at her that she just cracks, this is the story for you)
"Jessica is a young peasant who has worked in her family’s fields for her entire life. Recent events have increased the burden resting on her family’s shoulders, but she retains her free and unbridled personality. That day, however, her path crosses with circumstances beyond the control of most beings. Will the trials she faces grind her down, or will she emerge out of the whirlwind stronger than ever?"

(on a completely different note from all the rest of the stories on this list, mc lived to a ripe old age with ton's of experience and is a delight to read. He still has a lot of growing and development, but he also has a solid base. Idk it's just such a lovely emotionally mature story)
"His name is Eight. Not really, but that’s what the System decided after a slip of the tongue. One moment, he was stepping out the office door on the way home, and the next waking up on a hillside below a town wall. Oh, and the gate guard drove him off, because he thought Eight was a monster.

Life’s tough when you’re trapped in an eight-year old body on another world."

Good luck finding stories you like!!

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I'll definitely second Worm! Things get extremely intense in that story from an emotional standpoint. 

A Practical Guide to Evil is also worth checking out, especially if you enjoyed HPMOR since they're both in the "rational fiction" subgenre. Admittedly, aPGtE is more about the world-building and epic fight scenes, but it definitely has its emotional moments.

Finally, I'll recommend my own story, Aeonica. I try not to self-promote in recommendation threads often because I'm obviously biased as the author, but I will say that creating satisfying and emotional character arcs is my primary goal with this series.

Re: Emotional Story

@Sereminar , @David Musk

Thank you both for your amazing recommendation ^^
I'm really glad to finally have some more fictions to read.

I already read Worms and I don't have any idea about why I forgot to put it in my list ..., I also read A practical Guide to Evil but enjoyed it way less (after some time it get a bit repetitive) .

I will try to read each fiction and I really hope that I will also enjoy your story @David Musk .

<3 for your help

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Perhaps my two stories might be up your alley.

Glints Saga: Papillon is about a magical girl who saved the world five years prior, and now lives an ordinary life...until a chance meeting with a butterfly-woman piques her fascination and brings magic back into her life. It's very character-driven, with the relationship between the protagonist Faye and the butterfly-woman as well as Faye's relationship with her fellow magical girls having a major focus in the story.

Reborn as a Magical Girl Villain is about a girl who emerges from the ocean in an unfamiliar body, before an unfamiliar city where she discovers a conflict between the forces of darkness and five heroines known as magical girls—and she's on the former side. Much of the story is about how Chrysa comes to view her place as a villain, about her and her fellow villains' views on humanity, as well as the magical girls themselves. (And I will note that the story just reached a major emotional and character moment, but there's still plenty more to come. :3)

Re: Emotional Story

I got some good recommendations, and one self-shill:

Graven: This mid-apocalyptic superhero story is all about the broken, fractured people who live in this ugly, dying world. Some of the characters have really moving storylines.

Burning Stars, Falling Skies: The story of a lizard woman who wants to bring her species out of the mud and reach the stars. It's got some really intense emotional moments which I will not spoil.

Hands Held in the Snow: My fantasy novel. It's 100% character-based and I guarantee if you read through you will grow incredibly emotionally invested in the main cast. 

None of these three stories lose focus on the characters. You'll be happy to read them (though as usual Sereminar has already recommended a bunch of other really good stories long beforehand lol)

Re: Emotional Story

I'd recommend Vera Anne Wolf's A Maiden's Frozen Heart A women dies and is reincarnated as a bastard child of a noble family in a fantasy world, with her old memories, and with the future memories of the girl she now is. She has to deal with a society and family that hates her while keeping her secret.

And if I can self-promo a bit, A Courting of Life and Death - a dark fantasy romance between a necromancer and his childhood friend, along with many other friends and family surrounding them. Pierre Salvador has to deal with being a young duc, along with keeping his dark magic secret on pain of death, and growing his new connections with Faery.

Re: Emotional Story

Hey there, hope a bit of self-promo is cool here. 

My story, Keep Breathing, is all about the characters and their trials and tribulations. Although it's a zombie-apocalypse story, I've done my best to try and make it all about the characters and having them grow stronger (mentally, emotionally) through their trials and tribulations. I'd love it if you'd give it a glance, and let me know what you think! 
I just finished the first book so there is a definitive beginning middle and an end, although I am currently working on a sequel as well. 

Please take a gander at it and let me know what you'd think!


Keep Breathing follows lung cancer survivor Eury as she returns to her sleepy hometown, dreading coming home to her parents and the complicated past that still haunts her. Even with every amenity afforded to her by modern society, Eury has a hard time staying alive. But when the townspeople are driven insane and begin attacking one another at random, Eury is cut off from everything and everyone she holds dear, and left with a dwindling supply of oxygen.

Hardships and heartaches, bloodshed and violence, once she’s through it all, will Eury be able to keep breathing?

Re: Emotional Story

So again, thanks everyone for all the amazing recommendation :D I swear I will read each of them.
I already finished all the one @sereminar gave me and I will give my review here in case it may interest someone else.

Already read it, and of course, it's amazing :D

Cocroach Girl's Reason For Living
Read it a bit, but I cannot manage to read more, it's way too sweet for me and it juste seems like a story where everything goes fine and we just see the MC doing great..
I Didn't Ask To Be The Demon Queen!
Same as before, (but I read way more), it's really good but not my cup of tea, in the story everything is perfect, there is no real struggle and everything goes fine for all the main characters :/

Save Me
Seems good, way too few chapter to make my decision.

But Moth, What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks
Good story not incredible

Really great, I didn't think a oneshot like that could be so great

Penumbral: Chrysalis
The biggest deception here, especially the second book. The side characters, once introduced are forgotten. They have no specific traits. The only thing they have is that they are trans, nothing else. Which loose all the interest because all the character are either trans or homosexual. Every character act the same (apart from the MC) and follow the same pattern, they all blend together. The discussions are really poorly written and there is, once the few first chapters, very few emotional introspection.

The worst thing, is that nearly every chapter, the character only talk about being trans.
I usually like trans story but here it's just badly made.

As for chapter 15, good LitRpg but nothing else. No emotional side.

This one is good, an original take of character growth and you start to feel a bit attached to the characters :D

Words on a Screen
Not my thing, :(

Medusa and the blind woman
This one is way too good, I recommend everyone to read it. The characters are great and profound, they really stand out. The world building is also very good and the plot will always leave you waiting for the next bit. 10/10

Sing Crier
Already read it, it's good but overall there is few progression and I got lost.

Tales From The Trailer Park
Not my thing

Already read it, I know I stopped at one point but I can't really remember why.

Hy'Ruh Ha
The emotional side is here but I didin't manage to get attached, I guess it's just too slow placed for me :/

Really good, but there is no real emotional side, sure the MC mention one or twice that she has social anxiety but the book doesn't explore it (yet) and the MC doesn't act like it really has it (apart in the first chapter)

Sorry, don't like Hiatus

Good but nothing never happen, I guess it's just not my thing as it seems that the plot side of the story is dead :/

Thanks for everything, I'm sorry that I didn't like everything :( but even so I'm really happy to have read everything as there is some novel I absolutely love in ^^

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David Wrote: I'll definitely second Worm! Things get extremely intense in that story from an emotional standpoint. 

A Practical Guide to Evil is also worth checking out, especially if you enjoyed HPMOR since they're both in the "rational fiction" subgenre. Admittedly, aPGtE is more about the world-building and epic fight scenes, but it definitely has its emotional moments.

Finally, I'll recommend my own story, Aeonica. I try not to self-promote in recommendation threads often because I'm obviously biased as the author, but I will say that creating satisfying and emotional character arcs is my primary goal with this series.

So I already read Worms, for A practical guide to Evils, I already read it, I really loved it but at some point, late in the novel, it fells in always the same pattern with always the same emotional problem, but still a good read ^^

As for your story, it's good, really good, surprisingly good :D
The characters are well made, the world building is ok, the story seems to be prepared and moving. But, I have two problem with it, I'm in chapter 30 and there is very few (or not at all) emotional part, the only bit emotional is maybe chapter 23 and chapter 30 but even there it's only 3/4 lines. It's a great adventure fantasy style book but not an emotional one.
The second problem I have, it's that I read novel on the web because of their originality, and even though 88% on the novel are bad, the few I like, really stand out from what I can found in a library. Yours is good, so good that you really should talk with a publisher but sorry to say that (and I know that probably a lot of people doesn't feel like me) but it doesn't have a really different feeling, it feels like all the famous and good usual fantasy story book published, and even though I love them all, I came here to look for new take on the genre.

Anyway thank for your recommendations and I'm really sorry I didn't like yours.

(It's terrible, I am way too hard on what I want and I'm really sorry for that, but please continue to send new story because they are all really good and I already found some that I like (and It may help other interested in it) )