Set 8,000 years after the Glassing of TerraSol, exploration and fate have plunged the Terran Descent Humans and the other races of the Terran Confederacy into a war against a hundred million year old civilization. The story spans a fight against giant machines the size of Australia, against massive bioweapons, and against enemies so hilariously outclassed even Terran LARPers can smash them without a pause.

Comedy, military action, intrigue, and more are within the chapters of First Contact, which was started on Reddit and is finally being posted here. Over 250 chapters, ten chapters a day will be posted here until it's caught up with Reddit.

Discover the secrets of the ancient Precursor Races, be amazed at the importance of ice cream and cigarettes, find out who the "Hip Hop Soldier" soldier is, and witness a man who just wants left alone. Wonder who the Doki Gurlz and the Kawaii Boyz are! What's a Fido and a Purrboi and why does everyone present cheer to the roar of "SIMBA IS HERE!"? What happens when someone plays with someone else's toys that were left forgotten? Who were the Combine? What is the Imperium of Wrath? Who is Bellona and who are the Sisters of Wrath?

Find out all of this in the pages of "First Contact" and enjoy yourself.