Re: What successes have you had recently?


Well, last year I got up to 174 pages (somewere between 40k and 50k words) into a fic before losing momentum. That's recent in me brain time.

I also did a bunch of stuff with sourdough with all this free time that's all over the place. Other than that I'd say my successes are more of the general kind such as learning stuff and coming up with stuff and reaching enlightenment and all the usual things that just never really stop happening.

Re: What successes have you had recently?


Gompman Wrote: Finished my exams, and read atleast 5 chapters of the top 100 Best Rated stories on this site, in that order.  peoeyesparkle
I think you missed Dungeon Crawler Carl. Definitely worth reading if you can stomach a 101st - it's amazing. ;)

My story's latest success is regaining a spot in the top 100 - just - after someone else's story got booted off by one of your reviews to make room for mine (which was earlier also booted off by your review). I laughed, and learnt some painful but probably-needed humility in the process. Gotta be prepared to take what I dish out, after all.

In other success news, I was super happy with my latest chapter title (always the last thing I come up with before publishing). The flipside of which is that now I'm not sure I'll be able to match it ever again.

Re: What successes have you had recently?

My book hit 4 stars evenly

I consider it a massive achievement considering I was told that this platform as a whole (Royal Road) catered to specific genres much more than others. I'd been told that while there were a few like mine that did well, that I shouldn't expect too much to come from it. 

I don't have too many reviews, same as ratings, but it does seem that the majority of my ratings are favorable, which in and of itself is a personal milestone. 
My book does still need work, I'll admit to that, especially the beginning where I'm already planning to do a rewrite anyway, but for it to get this far in just 2 months is really awesome, all things considering. 

Re: What successes have you had recently?

Harddrive crash awhile back eliminated 20k words on a story I'm working on. I stopped writing for awhile. Recently got around to rewriting those words, and kept going for an 40k additional words. Three more chapters and I'll finish the first rough draft, and start posting the rest of it here once again. Long hiatus, but finally resolving.

Also finally been able to get back into the forge. Hammered out a few axes and blades. Fun times.

Re: What successes have you had recently?

I got my first two ratings. One's a placeholder, both 4's, no reviews, but I'll take them! Hurray!

I'm still mystified how some other stories with like 1 chapter and 5 pages get 20 ratings and 5 reviews right off the bat. After I hit 150 pages or so, I'll look for review swaps I guess, but, geez, trying to fish for readers and ratings is like watching grass grow. In a frozen tundra.