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Hi! I'm looking for any stories where the MC or another main character with a lot of screen time has a disability, physical or mental (blind, hard of hearing, missing a limb, chronic illness, severe anxiety, schizophrenia etc.). I'm specifically looking for one where the disability actually impacts the story, not where the mc was really sick and died in a hospital bed and was reborn super healthy, or a dungeon core story because of course they don't have limbs, that's not a disability.
  • MC/major character with a disability
  • The disability impacts the story in a significant way
  • No Dungeon Core
  • Can be from any other genre/website, heck i'm willing to look through my local library for a printed book
  • Preferably a Female MC, but optional
  • Isn't immediately magicked away with a perfectly functional never needs repair or causes pain prosthetic
I've got a few examples if to give a better idea and also because it'd be nice to have a list.

Shell Theories the Broken Magician - exactly what i'm looking for! The MC has a severe musculature disorder which causes chronic pain and affects mobility. If only the author kept writing. This is actually the story that got me really interested in seeing if i could find any others like it.

Astralfice - another great example. MC has really really severe social anxiety that impacts her actions and thus the story. 

Flow - MC loses their arm rather early on, i didn't read too far though, it's a little to miserable of a story for me.

The Wandering Inn - The Emperor is blind and it actually affects things at least when he is outside his territory.

Creative Thinking is Everything I Have - haven't actually read it, so i'll give it a look. But it seems like MC is missing an arm and it stays missing. 

Fork This Life - while very much a satire, and thus doesn't tackle the issue seriously MC is literally a fork and can magic some answers up to tackle that fact, it doesn't cover everything and at least for the first half of the story actually matters and limits his actions.

Halfway to Home - MC loses their arm rather early on and it seriously matters, like she can't climb ladders quickly or fire her gun accurately anymore. It's really well written and definitely worth checking out if you've got a few bucks to spare on amazon.

Wood and Iron - one of the MC's has some really severe burns and muscle damage on her arms along with chronic pain. It's not magicked away. Unfortunately it's also dropped, but it has a good 20+ chapters and well worth a look.

Edict - One of the major characters has to work through some severe social anxiety and childhood trauma and it's the focus of a major part of the story

Now a few that are only kinda what i'm looking for

Katalepsis - MC has pretty severe social anxiety and is also at the beginning dealing with some pretty nasty medication side effects
Nighthunter - I don't know how to spoiler alert, so spoiler alert! MC ends up being mentally adversely affected by ....something and it gets rather severe
Path of the Whisper Woman - MC has to work through some really severe childhood trauma from abuse and it really affects her

Anyways thanks in advanced for any rec's you have!

Re: MC's with Disabilities

In mine the main character is blind. His entrance to the VR game world allows him to see, but back in the real world he is still blind.

He has some mental health issues stemming from his disability and how its stripped away his agency. These are things that he is addressing and growing through with the help of the gaming world to build back his self esteem.
[url=]Its still early-doors but from the start he's blind as a bat!

Re: MC's with Disabilities

The deteriorating mental health of the main character in my story as she continues her journey is a major part of the story. Several important characters suffer from things like depression, anxiety, or mental disorders for example. Though at the current point, you would have to be familiar with the alignments in question to notice all the hints. But it is important for the story and the characters as well.

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Remnants features two MCs both with disabilities, one is deaf the other is mute, and they largely communicate via sign language. It's a major plot  point in the story, but it may not be the "effect" you are looking for, because while their disabilities make their lives a bit more inconvenient and different than those around them, it isn't the central focus of the story or their characters.