Re: Let's celebrate


soundsofhysteria Wrote:
Primate Wrote: Oooh, I love celebration. Are we celebrating your book's journey to the altar? This lemur is so proud of you. What are we celebrating with? A cocktail? But surely, not my lemurtail.

Lemur tail..... yum

Thanks for your openness, it's time for this lemur to disappear from here before that happens.

Re: Let's celebrate


soundsofhysteria Wrote: I have reached trending status, which is pretty crazy, especially when I consider that my story isn't typically well-received on this site. 

The biggest accomplishment, though, is the .5 star I have received from being on trending.

Let's pop a bottle of champagne, shall we? :D

XD I remember my first Hater. Good times. Good times.